Drug Abuse

Stop using drugs now!

What is Marijuana and How Does it effect you?

Marijuana has different side effects it can make you paranoid, hungry, and it also alters your mind. The drug also makes you hallucinate, so imagine seeing a person that used the drug holding a baseball they might think it’s a fresh apple. Marijuana can make you fat from getting “the munchies”. So if you become fat, the way you function when doing your favorite activity will be a lot harder physically and mentally. It can make you hallucinate, short term memory, and it makes you paranoid. Marijuana lowers your heart rate, it will be different doing your favorite activity with a lower heart rate can give you fainting, dizziness, loss of consciousness, weakness.

Marijuana irritates your lungs and respiratory system just like smoking a cigarette, it burns your throat and goes into your lungs and messes up your lungs. Marijuana would impact our education because it might be hard to concentrate and remember all of the things that we did study. And it would affect our social life because not a lot of people like others that do drugs. If you're having withdrawals it may be harder to engage in your favorite activities because you will be craving the drug. If someone has cancer they might need marijuana to help ease the pain. The drug kills your brain cells. Don’t ever do drugs because it is not good and can lead to serious situations.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Drugs of abuse alter the way people think, feel, and behave by disrupting neurotransmission, the process of communication between brain cells. Sometimes prescription drugs make you tired and sluggish, so it would be harder to do you favorite activity at your full ability. Sometimes prescription drugs can damage your organs. Prescription drugs are used to help/cure an illness. Some dangerous behaviors drug abuse can lead to it suicide, depression.

Better Things to do to Build Muscles.

Some harmful effects that steroids use can have on a user’s body is physically unattractive, acne, breast development in men, heart attacks and liver cancer, and voice deepening in females.

  • Cut down calories

  • Cut down carbohydrates

  • Drink lots of fluids

  • Eat/Drink Iron, vitamins, and other minerals just not a lot of it.

  • Eat protein like eggs, meats, fish, cheese

Would be good healthy ways to build muscles and improve physical performance. Instead of using steroids.

A lot of people would feel better knowing that they didn’t use steroids or drugs to become better or stronger when doing something they love doing everyday.

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