Pirate Gram: Summer Edition

Week of June 14, 2022

Crane Elementary

Need-to-know information can be found below!

Breakfast and Lunch Menu for Summer School

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Need to Know Information

Menu: The photo of the menu is pictured above. However, if you cannot read it, you can see the menu on the Crane R-III app. Tap "Menu" and then tap "Dining". You can select the date on the left hand side of the screen and both breakfast and lunch will be listed.

Boys & Girls Club: Students can still be enrolled for the Boys & Girls Club for afterschool care until 6:00 PM each day (Tuesdays through Fridays). The students who are attending are loving the fun activities and time they get to spend playing with their friends. Please let us know if you would like us to send home a form so you can sign your child up for this wonderful opportunity!

Behavior Contracts: Students were sent home with a copy of the Summer School Behavior Contract for a parent to sign along with the student. This is to inform everyone that inappropriate behavior is not accepted during summer school. If your child receives three "strikes" he/she will not be able to return for the remainder of the summer session.

School Field Trip Protocols: Permission slips for both field trips were sent home Friday. These forms must be turned in by at least the day before the field trip for your child to attend. All students attending school sponsored field trips must ride the school bus to the field trip location. After the field trip is over, a parent or family member can sign his/her own child out and take him or her home at that time.

Crane City Pool Field Trip: We will be going to the Crane City Pool on Friday, June 24, from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM, prior to it opening to the publc. If your child cannot swim, we do suggest sending your child with a lifejacket. Your child should wear his or her swimsuit under his/her clothes that day to school. Each student should also bring a towel, sunscreen and a complete change of clothes to change into after we return from the pool. We will return to school and eat lunch at school that day.

Acrobats of Shanghai Field Trip: We will be going to see the 11:00 AM show of the Acrobats of Shanghai in Branson, Missouri on Thursday, June 30. The buses will leave between 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM that morning to arrive at Mickey Gilley's Acrobat of Shanghai Theater. It is important for students to arrive on time that morning. If a student arrives after the buses leave, he/she will not be able to attend the field trip. If parents/ guardians would like to purchase a ticket for the show, they will have to call the theater to purchase tickets. Please know they will most likely not be seated with the school group. We will eat sack lunches, provided by the school, at Stockstill Park, weather permitting, after the show before returning to school. If your child would like to bring his/her own lunch, please keep in mind, it will be sitting on a hot bus for a few hours and there will not be a way to heat anything up in a microwave.

Upcoming Dates

June 15: Stone County Library Presents "Marty the Musician" Assembly

June 16: Stone County Library Visits

June 22: Stone County Library Presents "Dickerson Park Zoo" Assembly

June 23: Stone County Library Visits

June 24: Field Trip to Crane City Pool

June 30: Field Trip to Acrobats of Shanghai

July 1: Last Day of Summer School