Holiday Has Arrived

This is my favorite time of year!

Happy Friday Team

Holiday has launched and is gorgeous! Today take a moment to reach out to your clients and share these amazing gift sets!

A few things I am currently preparing this holiday season:

  1. Corporate gifting letter - all family, friends, and clients gift to so many this season. I am sending a letter with an enclosed holiday brochure for them to consider Beautycounter this season to gift (example below from another consultant - still working on mine).
  2. Holiday Socials - I posted on my FB yesterday an image to remind friends and family to get their parties booked now. I can't believe the calendar is already filling up for November and December. I have reserved my personal Open House (Guest appreciation event - I pick a morning slot for 3 hours and evening slot for 3 hours and do it all in 1-2 days). There are a few great videos on FB with holiday ideas (Anna Vig and Jen Schultz - Meredith Beal and Laura Stenovich).
  3. Get your gift sets purchased for display. Use them as display during the season and gift them or keep them after the season is over. Great investment for your business and cut back on the gifts you need to purchase!
  4. Time Block your calendar. 30minute gaps are perfect for follow-up and reach outs. Set aside 30 minutes and designate what type of activity you will be doing - a 1 on 1 meeting and sharing of BC, Client Follow-up and reorder, Prospecting and sharing of our Opportunity, Social Bookings, and Holiday Corporate reach outs. Every minute can be impactful :)
  5. Adding new members to your team - what an amazing time of year to add new members to your team! Great sales, wonderful gift sets, and earn a little extra on the side! If you have someone in mind please let me know. I would love to share the opportunity with them :) I feel so blessed every day that I found a company that is education based and is truly being impactful with making change for us and the next generation!
  6. Sit back and enjoy the season with friends and family! No other job lets you be so flexible with your time!

Have a date set and need help hosting?

Give me a call! I am more than willing to help :)

I have also thought about doing a large event with all my team members! Everyone invites all their friends and family for a holiday shopping night. We bring some treats and wine! So much fun. If interested let me know and we can get the ball rolling on this idea....

Cheers to all!