Canberra 2013

Year 6

Day 1

We meet at school at 6:10. We lined up in our classes and the teachers gave us our groups either bus 1 or bus 2. 6S and 6H went on bus 1 with Gary and the others went on bus 2 with Peter. Zac, Jack, Dylan and I got the back seat. Gary told Us jokes like there’s a wasaroo and let’s talk about a funny bus driver.

Half way through the trip we stopped to have recess. We ate and talked there for about 30 minutes then we got back onto the bus and kept going.

At 10.30 we arrived in Canberra. Gary showed us buildings in the main street while we were on the way to parliament house.

When we got to parliament house at 10.30 we looked around and saw Kevin Rudd mowing the lawns. Then we went into a fake House Of Representatives and learnt how a law is passed. After we finished that we looked at the House Of Representatives and the Senate. Then at 1.30 we left to the War Memorial and ate our lunch on the way.

When we got into the War memorial at 1.45 we looked at the cars, planes, boats, computers and clothing left over from the wars. At 4.55 we had a closing ceremony then we left to go to the AIS.

At 5.35 we arrived at the AIS. We given our key to our room Zac and I found our room and made our beds. Then we went to have dinner at the dining hall. After that we left to go to the National Dinosaur Museum.

At the Dinosaur Museum we learnt about old dinosaurs. Where they lived, what period they lived in and what they ate.

Day 2

In the morning we woke up and had breakfast at 7.00. Then at 8.30 we went to sportex. It was really fun they had simulators for most sports. We then got shown to all the training centres in the AIS by our tour guide. My favourite place was the pool it had over 17 million dollars of equipment for training the swimmers.

At 10.00 we left to go to the national film and sound archives. There we looked at old movie ads and pictures. My favourite TV ad was the aeroplane jelly one.

After that we went to a park and had a sausage sizzle. Then we walked to the national capital exhibition centre. We learnt about how and why Canberra was built. My favourite part was looking at the big model of Canberra. We then watched the big water fountain start in the middle of the lake.

At 2.30 we arrived at the museum of Australian democracy. Our tour guide showed us the old House of Representatives. She also gave us a screen which had activities on it.

When we came back to the AIS we had our showers and played games with each other. Then we had dinner and departed to Cockington Green.

When we arrived at Cockington green at 7.00. Our tour guide told us how Cockington green started and how they build the houses. First we looked at the houses at the front. Then we went on the train. The train had a large view over the little houses. When it was dark we went into the international display this was the best bit of Cockington green. In this display there was house from all over the world there were temples, churches and waterfalls.

Day 3

In the morning we got woken up by BANG BANG BANG on the door by Mr Fuller. We had breakfast at 6.30 came back to the room packed all our things up and then checked out.

We then went back to the old parliament house and learnt how to vote. We watched a video about Australian democracy with little 3D people in it. Then we did worksheets about voting. After that we had a pretend vote.

At 10.00 we arrived at the Royal Australian Mint. We bought our souvenirs, I got a coin. We then learnt about how coins are made and what happens if you find an error on a coin.

We then got back on the bus and drove to a park next to questacon. We had either a pie or sausage roll for lunch. We then played around on the grass until we could go to questacon. When questacon was ready we went inside and looked an did the activities my favourite on was the free fall.

At 4.00 we left Canberra and started to come back to Sydney.

We then stopped and had dinner at maccas then we continued to go home.