The World of Air Planes

By Kevin

How do Planes Fly?

There are all types of air planes, but how do they fly? They have to have lift, drag, and most importantly thrust to fly. Lift helps the plane defy gravity. If a plane didn't have lift, it would crash. A plane needs thrust to move. An engine gives thrust. If a plane's engine broke, it would crash. Also, if planes hovered they wouldn't be considered a plane.

How Come Planes Crash?

I don't like when planes crash, but I always wondered why? In order for a plane to fly, it has to have lift. If a plane elevates too steeply, it has bad air flow and stalls. There is only one way to recover from a stall, otherwise it would drop and crash. If one of the instruments, such as radar, is not working,the pilot has to fly without it. If they can't get their surroundings quickly enough, they would crash into another plane or bird . Pilots in the U.S.A. use auto pilot too much and lose their skills, so if an instrument fails they forget how to fly without it.

Plane Timeline

There are a lot of types of air planes, but some are more important than others. The first air plane was made in 1903. The newest plane is the Concorde, it was made in 1976. There is an air plane that they are inventing that looks nothing like our air planes today. The plane is mostly made out of glass. If the new plane was super sonic,the ride would be bumpy, which the airline doesn't want.

Big Planes

Planes are big for a lot of different reasons. Planes have to be big to get lift in time so they don't need a runway 3 miles long. The planes also need to be big because pilots get tired. To decrease the amount of flights each day, they fit more passengers in one plane. Metals in and outside of the plane have to be thick and strong so the plane can stand a lightning strike. These are only some of the reasons why planes are so big.

Money to Run an Airline

How much money does it cost to run an airline? A Pilot earns about $70,000.00 each year. It costs $5.1 million to make a Boeing 737. It is the most used model ever. CO-Pilots salaries are about $30,000.00. These are the most important things an airline needs.


  1. Gravity- A force that pulls everything in.
  2. Hover- Defies gravity.
  3. Stall- When something stops moving.
  4. Instrument- A tool used to keep the passengers safe.
  5. Bumpy- The opposite of smooth.
  6. Super Sonic- Something that is really fast.
  7. Metal- A material that is strong.
  8. Decrease- To lower something such as a percentage.
  9. Airline- A company that helps people travel all over the world.
  10. CO-Pilot- A pilots assistant.
  11. Defies- When something breaks the limits of something.