Jane Ball Staff Happenings

Week of March 17th Happy St. Patricks Day!

Monday Is a Busy Day! Please Read!

Pep Rally

Jane Ball "Dancers" report to Bea Cak at 8:20 for "costumes"

We will begin at 8:30 in the gym.

ISTEP testing Grades 4 and 5 9:00-9:45

IREAD Practice Test Grade 3 9:00-9:30

DARE/ High School Mentors

Grade 5

Recorder Assembly: 2:05

Grades K-4

We wil begin calling for classes at 2:00


The "We finished" ISTEP Rally will Follow the Recorder Assembly at 2:50 so 5th grade can join us.

We will dismiss to return to classrooms no later than 3:10 to dismiss for the day.

Many of the changes for Monday is as a result of our Snow day last week.

Thank you all for your patience and flexibility! If you have concerns about this schedule please let me know.

Nuts and Bolts

Advanced Ed

I will be emailing out the Advanced Ed. schedule for April 1-2.

I have asked that ALL teachers have the opportunity for interviewing. The advanced ed. leadership team will present their standards on the evening of March 31st and will be answering questions of the panel at that time. The rest of you will be asked to meet with members of the panel during your prep on April 1. At the same time there will be other members of the evaluation team observing in the classrooms. I would like all teams to present their power points this friday during the staff meeting. Please send me the ppt no later than Thursday so I can set up the computer.

The presentation for each standard should not take longer than 3-5 minutes. This is just a time to discuss the findings and establish how we will use this information in our goals.

We will have a staff meeting after school on April 2 to go over the results with the panel.

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration will take place this week on Thursday and Friday.

We will be using the Library to hold the parents and conduct registration. The Kindergarten Staff will be testing students in the Title room.

There will be no library sessions during these two days.

Shout outs!

Huge Shout Outs to the staff that stayed for Friday Night Live!

It was a huge success! We couldn't do it without you!

Huge Shout Out to Bridget Helms for planning and organizing the ISTEP and IREAD testing!

This is a huge responsibility and she has done an amazing job! Thank you!

Huge Shout Outs to OUR STAFF!

The pep rally's for ISTEP have been nothing short of AWESOME. Sorry to the primary teachers for us winding up your kids and sending them back to class:)

Thanks Bea for organizing the week!

Museum of Science and Industry After School Program

Jane Ball Elementary was selected to participate with the MSI after school program initiative. I will be sharing more information as I get it. Here is the website to check out more about their programs.


Teach Like Champions Information


Here is the book I mentioned at last weeks Staff Meeting. I also embedded a sample video.

The book includes a CD with Video Clips in more depth.

Great Classroom Management ideas.

Teach Like a Champion: Getting everyone's attention in class

What's Happening this Week...............


8:05 Advanced Ed. Committees

Climate: Gay's Room

SIP: Library

Data: Cynthia's room

8:30 School Pep Ralley

9:00-ISTEP: Grades 4 and 5

9:00 IREAD Practice test Grade 3

10:15 Dare/Mentors

12:00-3:00 Corporation Teachers Evaluation Committee Central Office

2:00- Recorder Dress Rehearsal

3:00- Final ISTEP pep ralley

3:30 JAM

3:30 High Ability Game Night


8:05 Advanced Ed. Committees (This is a change)

9:00-11:30 IREAD

ALL Day- ISTEP Makeups

3:30 JAR

6:30 Recorder concert Grade 4



Deb Evaluation Panel DOE (by webinar at JB ALL day)

Olympics K-3 1:30-3:00

ALL day ISTEP and IREAD make ups

3:30 JAM

3:30 Discussion Central Office


8:05 Grade Level Meetings

Deb in INDY all day Evaluation Panel Day 2

Kindergarten Registration ALL day


8:05 Staff Meeting Casey's Room-

Advance Ed. Presentations

Kindergarten Registration ALL day

Olympics Grades 3-5 1:30-3:00