Risks of GMF

Higher chemicals can mean food which should not be eaten

What is GMF/GMO

A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically modified food (GMF) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered...

The benefits of GMO/GMF

- GM crops were intended to help farmers reduce not only the impact of pests, but also the use of agrochemicals in modern crop production

- farmers who adopt GM crops make more money in tougher times

- They result from fungal activity in insect-infested corn crops. With fewer insect holes in plant tissue, associated fungi are not able to invade and produce toxins.

Do you want these chemicals in your stomach?

Is it worth the risk?

Genetic effect on Humans

There is no way to tell if genetically modified foods can have an effect on the genetics of people. At first it was believed by scientists and researchers that the modified genes were destroyed during the digestion process, but recently modified food genes have been found in the brains of some infant mice. This can be very dangerous in infants and children, and poses unknown risks for anyone who eats these foods.

Weeds Accessing the Modified Genes

Weeds can access the modified genes which make the crops resistant, and after some years the weeds themselves can become resistant. This will mean more chemicals needed, which can affect the safety of the food crops when consumed. Higher chemicals can mean food which should not be eaten.

Should GMF's be labeled or not?

I absolutely think GMF's should definitely be labeled so people know which one they actually want to eat, because what if some people might not want genetically modified foods.