Tamil Nadu

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Songs sung in Tamil Nadu

Music of Tamil Nadu has a long tradition and history going back thousands of years , music is a very important aspect of the culture of the Tamil people . The music is heady cocktail of purity, emotions and divinity. There are various references to this music traditions found in the ancient sangam books such as ettuthokai and pattupattu

Dance forms in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has a rich history of art of entertainment. The three modes of entertainment classified as lyal ( literature ) , isai (music) and nadagam ( drama) had their routes in the rural folk theatre like theru koothu ( Street play). Many forms of group and individual dances with the classical forms for popularity and sheer entertainment value. Bharathanatyam is a classical Indian dance that originated in Tamil Nadu, with roots in more ancient dance forms

Some images of the dance forms and music in Tamil Nadu

Festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu

Thai pongal or pongal is a harvest festival celebrated in South India at the end of the harvest season. Pongal itself falls on the first day of the Tamil month of Thai (January 14 or 15). It is celebrated by boiling rice with fresh milk and jaggery in new clay pots. The rice is later topped with sugar, ghee, cashew nuts and raisins. This tradition gives Pongal its name .

Special food preparations

Tamil Nadu is famous for its deep belief that serving food to others is a service to humanity, as is common in many regions of India.The region has a rich cuisine involving both traditional non vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. It is characterized by the use of rice,legumes and-lentils. The chettinad region comprising karaikundi and adjoining areas is known for both traditional vegetarian dishes like idiyappam, uthappam pall paniyaram and non-vegetarian dishes made primarily using chicken.

Seasons of Tamil Nadu

  1. The Climate of Tamil Nadu, India is generally Humid subtropical climate and features fairly hot temperature over the year except during the monsoon season.

Summer season

The hot weather sets in and lasts until the middle of June. The highest temperature is often registered in May which is the hottest month in the state. The hot winds of plains blow during April and May with an average velocity of 8–16 km/hour

Winter season

The cold weather commences early in November and comes to an end in the middle of March.The climate in the cold weather is pleasant. The days are bright and warm and the sun is not too hot.

Monsoon season

The state has three distinct periods of rainfall: advancing monsoon period, South West monsoon from June to September, with strong southwest winds;North East monsoon from October to December, with dominant northeast winds;dry season from January to May.