How to Navigate an Anime Convention

For Overwhelmed Con-Goers

Convention Navigation Webinar

Sunday, April 24th, 9-9:15pm

This is an online event.

This Webinar will be posted through Google Hangout.

What You Need To Know...

There are many things that every Anime Convention will have in common, such as a Dealers Room and an Artist Alley. But every convention is different, and navigating these conventions can be kind of rough. My name is Bryan Whitton and I've been going to anime and science fiction conventions for years. However, even for those accustomed to the chaos, it can be an overwhelming experience. Attendance to these conventions can be in the thousands and even in the tens of thousands! So it's important to make a plan before you go. This Webinar is for both experienced con-goers, and newbies. Parents: if you're wondering about where you're dropping off your little angel for the day - tune in and learn what conventions are all about!

Photo Credit: Charlie Neuman. The Quest for Comic-Con Hotel Rooms. 2016.

Topics That Will Be Discussed:

What is an Anime Convention?

When and Where are they held?

What kind of events are there to enjoy?

Photo Credit: AP. Megacon. 2015.

Can anyone attend? Whats the cost to attend?

How long do these conventions last?

Why is everybody wearing weird costumes!?

Photo Credit: Michael Wilson. Otakon. 2013.


When attending a convention, be sure to take a free map, and make a plan of action for the day. It's easy to get swept up in all of the commotion and excitement, but remember, there's a lot to see and do! So bring your camera, and lots of money!

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Feel free to message me questions that you'd like answered during the Webinar; or if you have any comments or concerns about conventions that you feel should be addressed.