IP Fall Update: Remote for All Ages

You don't have to be local to participate!

September stress? Start in October!

Back-to-school season always involves change and a bit of stress for families with kids in school. We've heard loud and clear that this year families need even more time to adjust in September. We don't want to add to the chaos, so, IP classes will start in October. Watch out for details via email over the next few weeks.

2020-2021 Curriculum Offers Fun, Flexibility, and Social Distance

What's in the Works

We hope the IP experience is fun, enriching, an opportunity to bond as a family, and (especially as we go remote) a channel for staying connecting as a community. Thanks to several groups who have been meeting through the summer to prepare for this most unusual year, we are excited to share that

  • We will introduce remote activities for all ages including alumni to build upon the momentum started with the #stayconnectedIP initiative last year.
  • You'll be seeing more of IP on social media, so that folks can keep current with content delivered at IP sessions.
  • The virtual version of the School Age Children's Program will meet on IP Sundays via Zoom, since Bedford Center remains closed. (Schedule TBA.)
  • Together we will delve into our curricular theme of exploring the ways in which we, as Filipinos, are one community, from Filipino cultural icons, to Filipino and Filipino American history, and, of course, the arts.

Here are a few things to look forward to:

  • Remote Registration Special Offer: $70 Family Membership for everyone in your household. (Details will be included with registration later this month.)
  • IP Sunday remote sessions will include subjects for classes by age group (Binhi, Rizal, etc.), family workshops for all ages, and community projects.
  • Each unit will open with the basics, then students will have an opportunity to explore the material further through activities and projects.
  • IP traditions will take place virtually, like Pasko, Tea Musicale, and Palaro Olympiks.

You don't need to be local to participate! So, spread the word to alumni and families who aren't typically able to make it to Bedford on IP Sundays.

Note: If you have concerns that your student cannot access online activities, please email Tita Myra at myra.liwanag@ipbahay.org.

New Ideas Under Consideration

Since we're doing things differently, we have a chance to innovate. Here are some ideas we are exploring. Let us know if you're interested in joining or coordinating a program!

  • Virtual social events, watch parties, etc.
  • Workshops and remote sessions for adults
  • Special interest groups, like Filipino American Studies group, teen council, book and video club, etc.
  • IP sessions anytime on demand

Operating during the pandemic has been challenging, but we are grateful to have the chance to try new things! The prospect of reconnecting with families and alumni who live far away is a great motivator.

Your Support is Critical

As an all-volunteer organization, we appreciate your patience, your involvement and your ideas as we move forward. IP withstood two big hits this summer -- losing both our major fundraiser, the IP Lowell Food Booth, and our classroom space in Bedford. We hope you can help us make this a great year for our community. Please scroll down for ways to help.

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