Search Engines

Hallie Gearhart


Google is the #1 most used search engine in the world. It would be strongly recommended that you use google for searching almost anything! Want to try some new recipes? Google is the place to go. Need some help for a school project? Google is there to help. (


Bing has over 3.3 billion individual searches! Bing is a search engine commonly used for businesses and companies. This SE is great for searching locations, graph/facts about places or things, and much more. (
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Dogpile is one of the lesser known search engines. Although not many people use it, it's still very useful. This SE saves your favorite searches and lets you choose from images, to videos, to white pages. (

Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search is a very well known SE. Yahoo itself is an enormous company that is used for news, email, and a lot more. Yahoo allows you to search for just about anything. It's mostly used by business owners/company owners (besides other Search Engine companies clearly) (


DuckDuckGo is a commonly used search engine. This search engine is very unique compared to other search engines because whatever you search is absolutely private. Usually other SEs would track you and find your location to (help you search better) but DDG doesn't believe that. They keep your location secret. (
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