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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Welcome Back-to-Learning!

This week, we hope your children had a successful week back-to-learning! Whether they were in school or at home, we know this was a different experience for ALL of us!

But being home together, learning new concepts, balancing technology needs and other challenges, our patience can often be tested. In Matthew's Gospel this weekend, we are reminded to forgive and love in our personal relationships. This is a trying time for our children as learners, and us as parents as at home-teachers! During our most frustrating days, remember Jesus' teachings and pray for strength and support. Just as Jesus led Peter to walk on water through the storm when he believed, we know Jesus will lead us through these most difficult times.

Mass Readings for Sunday, September 13: Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In Matthew's Gospel this weekend, Jesus uses a parable to describe to Peter the significance of forgiveness when we follow in God's ways.

During the time of Jesus, forgiveness was given for actions that disappointed others. For example, in this parable, the servant did not grant forgiveness to his fellow servant who could not repay his debt. At the time, rabbis and religious leaders said if forgiveness is granted, it was plenty to forgive someone three times. So, with that in mind, Peter's guess that forgiving someone seven times seems truly kind. However, Jesus has a different idea of what forgiveness looks like. Jesus explains that true forgiveness means seventy times seven, so 490 times!

In our everyday world, conflict and forgiveness occurs between spouses, siblings, friends, etc. As citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, we follow in Jesus' teachings and strive to forgive others and their debts against us.

Link to Mass Readings for Sunday, September 13

Translated in English and Spanish

Forgive 70 Times 7

Activities for Family


Game: Ask the children how many times they can do various tasks:

  • How many push ups can you do?
  • How many times can you bounce a ping pong ball on a paddle?
  • How many times can you jump on one leg without putting the other leg down?
  • How many basketball free throws can you score in a row?
Have your children attempt these tasks. Ask if anyone can complete these tasks 490 times in a row without messing up. Let them try. The point of the game is to show that it is nearly impossible to do something 490 times. This idea ties in with today’s lesson. The exact activities you do doesn't matter, as long as they get the wiggles out of the kids and show them how hard it is to do something 490 times.

Gospel Message: As citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, we forgive others their debt against us since Jesus forgave our debt against him.

As a family, read and discuss this weekend's Mass Readings. In explaining the Gospel and the concept of deep, true forgiveness as explained by Jesus, use the video below to help children conceptualize this parable and its meaning. Then complete and submit the Family Form below by Friday, September 18. This form counts towards attendance and participation in our Family Faith Program.


The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
Family Form Week of September 13

As a family, complete and submit this Family Form by Friday, September 18. This form counts towards attendance and participation in our Family Faith Program.

Caritas Corner

Supporting our Children Back-to-School

As we continue the countdown for this school year, please remember that pencils and notebooks aren’t the only important school supplies. Adequate sleep, nutrition, regular physical activity, emotional support, social connections, faith/spirituality, and a healthy and safe environment can all contribute to children’s academic success.
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September Zoom Meetings: Week of September 20

Our Next Family Faith Zoom Meeting Begin Next Weekend

Next weekend begins our September Family Faith Zoom Meetings. Like last month, each session will meet during their scheduled class day and time. We will begin the session together with a family activity based upon Sunday's Gospel Reading, then Deacon Nelson will lead parents through a parent discussion.

Parents, your participation with your children is greatly appreciated during these family activities to support their learning and engagement in the session. Following the activity, we understand it may be difficult to focus on the parent discussion since your children may not be engaged in this part of the zoom meeting, so Deacon Nelson will structure these discussions to be brief and targeted to our needs. We truly appreciate your support and participation during these difficult times!

Below are the zoom links for the week of September 20. Please join the zoom session for the class that you are registered for. These links will also be sent in an email reminder prior to the session:

Sunday, September 20 at 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Meeting ID: 993 7804 1553

Passcode: Le5M34

Sunday, September 20 at 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Meeting ID: 985 2442 7352

Passcode: pX060c

Wednesday, September 23 at 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Meeting ID: 975 9206 8253

Passcode: XN2XF9

Thursday, September 24 at 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Meeting ID: 926 3206 8801

Passcode: 8Vtk5p

Uplift Video of the Week!

Back-to-Learning Family Goals

As we begin a new school year with new goals (maybe different than in the past considering this different school year), we strive to keep our children happy and positive about learning.

In welcoming your children back-to-school, together watch this video. Discuss, plan, and set manageable goals in learning and procedures that promote independence, especially when learning at home.

Welcome back to school | Welcoming students | Inspiring students

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