Night of the Twisters

By:Ivy Ruckman and Callie Cahoy


  • Dan Hatch: Main character and likes bikes

  • Linda Hatch: Dan's mom
  • John Hatch: Dan's dad
  • Ryan Hatch: Dan's little brother
  • Arthur Darlington: Dan's best friend
  • Stacey Darlington: Arthur's sister
  • Ronnie Vae Darlington: Arthur's sister
  • Belle Smiley: Dan's neighbor
  • Grandma Hatch: Dan's grandma
  • Grandpa Hatch; Dan's grandpa
  • Aunt Goldie: Dan's Aunt

Problem and Solution

1. Ryan got cold in the bathroom.

2. So Dan found a sort of dry towel to cover up Ryan.

1. Glass flew in Officer Kelly's eye.

2. Dan drove the police car to the armory .


The setting is in Nebraska. Here are 3 facts about Nebraska.

1. The state capital is Lincoln.

2. In Nebraska they have the Memorial Station, Old Market, and Chimney Rock.

3. Nebraska is bordered by Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, and Wyoming.


I had a red letter day once. It was winning my new bike. On black letter days you dress up nice for red letter day s because red letter days are good. On the other hand black letter days are terrible. Here is my black letter day. Dan Hatch's life was amazing before Ryan came. At dinner they would talk about every thing that happened during the school day. Now all they talk about is Ryan. Actually they don't really talk about anything besides listening to Ryan making sounds. One night Dan wanted Arthur to spend the night. They biked over to Arthur's house to get his stuff. When they are biking back they noticed it was getting colder and a lot windier. They could barley bike back. Then they ate dinner at Dan's. Dan's dad came in to eat and they listened to Ryan. That night there was a tornado warning. So Dan's mom went to go check on Mrs.Smiley. Then the windows started to creek and picture frames started to fall off the walls. Dan ran upstairs and crabbed Ryan. The power went out when Dan reached Ryan's room. Ryan got tangled up in something. So Dan had to untangle Ryan with one hand. They all ran downstairs and got in the shower. They rapped Ryan up in a dry towel. The tornado was hitting there house they could feel it. Then Dan said he was going to go and try to get out upstairs. Arthur tried to hold him back but Dan went anyway. When reached the top of the stairs he tried to get up but he could not. Then he went back to Arthur and Ryan. Then we herd something up up above. IT WAS STACEY!!! Stacey said she could help us get up. Dan climbed on the washer and Stacey crabbed Ryan. Then Arthur climbed up. Finally i got up. We looked at the streets and ran three blocks. When they got there i saw moms car flipped over. Then it happened i saw mom. I ran and hugged her. I started to cry. Then i asked if we could go help Mrs.Smiley. Sh said no. But i said we could all do it. Stacey said here take Ryan. She said fine. We ran to Mrs.Smileys.When we got there we yelled. No one answered. We went downstairs and saw Mrs.Smiley sleeping on a couch. We woke her up and build a ladder out of springs. Mrs.Smiley climbed up and then they all walked to the bus. A boy got off and let Mrs.Smiley on the bus. We walked to Kmart when a car pulled up. A boy said 'what are you doing out here'. I said" going to Kmart to find my dad" Do you want a ride ? We were driving when a 4th tornado hit. The window shattered and glass got in his eye. He asked if i would drive. I said "sure".I drove to the armory. When we got to the armory we ate and drank. Then Stacey went and helped a mom calm down her son. We ask-aped out. Arthur and Stacey saw their dad. So Arthur and Stacey went to find the rest of their family. When i was walking down the rode my dad pulled up behind me. With mom and Ryan. They got out and hugged for a long time. We found out about 6 months later that Mrs.Smiley died. That was my red letter day.