GlobalWay North America Roll-Out

Business Newsletter #3

Realization Build Phase Has Begun!

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Realization Build Phase Tasks

Now that the Blue Print (requirements gathering) Phase is complete, the Realization Build Phase has begun. The purpose of this phase is to take all of the business requirements which have been identified and add them into the GlobalWay System. These developments are then tested by the process teams.

Additional tasks that occur during the Realization Phase include: planning and developing End User Training, testing and performing trial conversions of business data into GlobalWay, and development of Business Process Procedures which describe how operations will run once GlobalWay is live.

GlobalWay Go Live Dates Announced!

The official Go-Live dates for GlobalWay have been established. The Rochester Hills facility will go live on November 1st, 2015. All other facilities (in Flemingsburg, Hamilton, Logansport, and Brunswick) will go live on the first working day of 2016.

Next Step: Business Process Procedure Development

The next step for the GlobalWay Project Team is to prepare Business Process Procedure (BPP) Documents. The BPP documents describe how users at each plant will complete work in GlobalWay much in the same way they complete work in AIM or CMS today.

Creating these documents will require Project Team members to go through each step of a process in GlobalWay, taking screen shots and documenting the steps to complete the work. These BPP documents will provide the foundations for training.

For additional information, contact...

Javier Samayoa

GW NA Organizational Change Manager

Eric Applegate

GW NA Training & Change Management