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WRMT-III Dyslexia Testing


Listening Comprehension and Passage Comprehension wait time should be 15 seconds not 5. She will let the publisher know of the discrepancy.

Regarding the question on Word Attack for the acceptable pronunciation of ea in numbers 6 and 11, it is important to know that the designers of the test took into account what would be developmentally appropriate at each grade level. Therefore, either of the two possible answers for number 6 would be correct at that grade level, but on number 11 it is assumed that developmentally the student would be able to distinguish the correct answer so only one choice is given.

Read the explanation on page 643 regarding LISTENING COMPREHENSION SCORING and then copy and laminate pages 644 and 645 for quick reference. This will assist in understanding the necessity of accepting a student’s answer according to what is given in the manual.

Please interpret the answers as narrowly as possible to maintain the standardization and norming of the test so we will be consistent in our administration. This will give us reliability and assure accuracy in our testing.

You may also want to copy and laminate pages 18, 19 and 20 as quick reference guides to Pronunciation for use on the Word Attack and Word Identification portions of the test. The correct pronunciations are also available on Tracks 29 and 30 the CD respectively.

Referral Subcommittes

The last scheduled referral meetings to review new referrals are as follows:

East Zone Central Zone

West Zone Bilingual

March 22 – Tammy Lea March 23 - Marissa Herrera March 21 (Marcus) Regina Barnes

March 17 - Lupita Pineda

April 7 - Alisha Byerly

April 5 - Tabatha Kirby

April 6 (FM) Camille Belknap

April 13 - Lupita Pineda

April 28 - Tammy Lea

April 26 - Marissa Herrera

April 18 (Marcus) Regina Barnes

May 12 - Lupita Pineda

April 27 (FM) Camille Belknap

Final Evaluation

Submit your overall self evaluation by March 30th. I will begin writing mine and collaborating with your administrators.

Don't forget to click on the submit button so i can see it!

Planning for the future!

What are you planning for next year?

Please let me know if you have any plans to:

  • Retire
  • Transfer to another position
  • Leave the district
  • Becoming the next president :-)
  • etc

Ed Rev!! Let me know if you are interested to attend.

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Eduphoria is your friend!!

Use the analyze tab in Eduphoria to look at the standards that your students missed on the assessments. Not only will this help you target your RtI intervention, but it will help you see what standards your students as a whole are not mastering. Janice Faris, our Eduphoria master, has created two excellent tutorials for navigating Aware. Check them out:

  • After going to Absolute Service, login as usual, and search the Self-Help tab for "Aware Interactive". Both tutorials, one for administrators and one for teachers/support staff, will pop up.

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Next Professional Developmnet

April 11th!

Register to the appropriate group!

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