Government in the United States

What will your student be learning the next couple of weeks?

Your student will be learning all about the government and how it has grown and evolved throughout the years. Since it is also Black History Month, we will be discussing how the government has impacted African-Americans (positively, as well as negatively) throughout the years. We are also lucky enough to be discussing government and politics in the year of a presidential election. I encourage you to take the time to discuss these ideas with your children. Especially how we as citizens play a role in government and elections. Students will have periodic assignments throughout the unit which will ask them to watch a portion of a debate and make a few political predictions based on facts and research. We will be discussing the election in the classroom; however, you can be assured that we will discuss it in an unbiased manner and will only looking at the facts and resources.

Black History Month

As it is also Black History Month, we will be discussing the government and how it has impacted African Americans and vice-versa. We will talk and identify the roles that African Americans have played in the government throughout the years and this will culminate in a group project that will take place at the end of the unit. Students will create a Discovery Education Board (many, if not all students should know how these can be created and can share these ideas with you) which will focus on how the Three Branches of Government (Executive, Legislative and Judicial). We will specifically discuss how African Americans have molded the Three Branches of Government throughout different time periods.

Great Black History Month Trips


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-Mr. Sportel