Eagles Express

Happy New Year!!! January 13-24, 2014

Dates to Remember

Monday, January 13

  • Non-Student Day: Teacher In-Service Day
  • 6:30 SMUSD Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 14

  • Students return
  • STARS begins/PRIDE begins ???
  • Carolyn at Leveled Principal Meeting until 11:00am

Wednesday, January 15

  • Grades 4/5 Writing Conference
  • Grades K-3 Grade level PLC
  • 6:00pm PTO Meeting

Thursday, January 16

  • 6:00pm ELAC

Monday, January 20

  • No School: Holiday

Tuesday, January 21

  • Jimmy at AP meeting until 11:30
  • Progress Reports Due: Jimmy 3-5 Carolyn K-2

Wednesday, January 22

  • Staff Meeting District Wide 2:30-4:00pm

Thursday, January 23

  • Fire Drill 9:00am

Friday, January 24

  • Progress Reports Home

Looking Ahead

Friday January 29: Student of the Month/Athlete of the Month Flag Salute

Saturday February 1: PTO Father Daughter Dance

Wednesday February 12: SEES Site Staff Meeting 2:30-4:00pm

Reminders and Announcements

Please participate in the SEES Ability Awareness Week Survey. Here is the link:


Progress Reports are due to admin on Tuesday January 21st. Even you have them done early please send them to us. We post poned this a week due to vacation so please make sure to get them to us for review.

Stretch Your Practice

As I re-visited the book Number Talks by Sherry Parrish, here are a few quotes that I wanted to share:

"By asking students to estimate an answer before solving a problem, we are helping our student build the essential skill of number sense."

"Every time you elicit answers to a problem in a number talk and ask students to share whether the proposed solutions are reasonable, you are helping students build number sense. When you ask studnets to give an estimate before they begin thinking about a specific strategy, you are fostering number sense."

Here is what this can translate in real-life:

I was at the Safari Park yesterday with my nephew (kindergartner) and my own 2nd grade son. We were trying to make a guess of how many elephants were in the area and the kindergartner's estimate was 118. The second graders estimate was 15. When we counted there were 13 elepants. This simple little estimation game gave me information where they each are on their jounrey to developing strong number sense.

Just like athletes train every day, we need to train our students to become mathathletes by giving them the right opportunities to train their math brain. Remember that our goal is to do a math talk 2-3 times a week to continue to build this concept of number sense. Your leadership rep has the Number Talks book for you to reference.

Below is the video from Jo Boaler, our guest speaker on Monday. I thought that you might like to see a little preview.

Jo Boaler on the Good and Bad of Mathematics Education


Week of January 13


Tables: Meeker

Backgate/Blacktop: Wright

Blacktop: Graham

Field: Hogan

Play Structure: Chong

Play Structure: McGavin



Front of School: Relieve

Tables: Bordonaro/Terwilliger

Field: Helms

Play Structure: Phinney

Play Structure: VanVoorhees

Basketball: Gidner

Basketball: Anderson


Backgate: Paulson

Crosswalk: Stanford

Usher to cars: Mequet

First Grade Usher: Goodman

Monitor zone: Schroeder

Week of January 20


Tables: E.Miller

Backgate/Blacktop: Cali

Blacktop: Mexia

Field: Relieve

Play Structure: McCarthy

Play Structure: Houtchens



Front of School: Arnold

Tables: Green/Miller

Field: Manaktala

Play Structure: Vega

Play Structure: Faulkner

Basketball: S.Miller

Basketball: Dixon


Backgate: Smith

Crosswalk: Anastasio

Usher to cars: Mcleod

First Grade Usher: Michaels

Monitor zone: Barrios