Antoine " Fats" Dominique Domino Jr

By: Lauren Carpenter

Who is Antoine " Fats " Dominique Domino Jr

Antoine " Fats " Dominique Domino Jr is a American rhythm, blues, rock, roll pianist, and singer-songwriter. He released five gold records before 1955. He has eight children all of witch have a name that starts with the letter A.

When was Fats born?

He was born February 26, 1928 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He learned how to play piano as a child. His first public performance he was ten years old. After he quit high school he worked at worked at factories and sang in nightclubs.

Fats Domino's Carrer

His number one hit single was " Blueberry Hill". His first single was " The fat man". In 2007 he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

How is he doing today?

He now lives in Marrero, LA. He will be turning 86 this year in February. He said " I'm still alive and kicking". His house was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. He had to be rescued by a boat. He has restored his house.