directed by: Jezza Neuman


children were having to struggle and manage what they can because there parents where having a hard time getting a job or not managing money well which led to them being poor

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The Purpose of this Documentary was to understand the things children in there family go through as a poor family. The documentary poor kids focuses on the children and the advantages and disadvantages giving to them growing up as a poor family. The images shown in this Documentary was to show people that we could have been in there situation living like them but where not and would should appreciate the things we do have because there are others who don't have much.
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Achieving the purpose

Neuman's documentary achieve's the message he is trying to get across by letting three children Brittany, Kaylie, And Johnny explain the life that they live as a poor family.


After watching this documentary it made appreciate things more and be thankful for what I have and to not complain all the time. This had an affect on me because i understand what there going threw because there have been times my family did not always have a lot and with it being just me, my sister, and mom; and my mom not being able to bring in money to the house which made things hard for us and all we had was education and sports to keep us happy and knowing that someday things will get better. I believe that this Documentary makes its point very well on showing people that every little thing counts in life no matter how small it is we need to appreciate things cause some don't have at all.


Neuman, Jezza, dir. Poor Kids. Frontline, 2014. Film