By: Bea Crist


Vaccines were discovered by Edward Jenner during a huge small pox out break in the 1700's. He found in a small village, that many cows lived in, the people suffered from cow pox. They would get a bad fever for a day or two and get cuts on their hands. Also, none of the people from the village that had previously suffered from cow pox got effected from the small pox out break. After Jenner heard about this village, he got the idea to inject a child (that had all ready suffered from cow pox) with small pox to see what would happen. The child got a fever for a day or so but quickly returned back to full health. Jenner then took puss from the cowpox cuts and made the first vaccination that ended smallpox.

Parents that don't vacinate their kids put other kids at risk everyday

Yes or No?

People have recently been questioning giving their children vaccines for many reasons but mainly health. 95% of doctors in a survey said at least once a month they have been asked by a parent whether or not they should vaccinate their child. Since some parents are now not vaccinating their children, diseases such as the measles and whooping cough are coming back. These diseases then get in hospitals where babies are born. Since the babies can't get vaccinated until they are two months old they get these diseases and can possibly die. Also, when other parents don't vaccinate their children that are perfectly healthy, other kids that can't get vaccinated due to health issues such as, cancer and previous sickness in their life, can get sick due to the other kids carrying around other diseases.