One witch at a time.

Book Project by Jayla Flowers

Book Recommendations

The book One witch at a time is a very good book. I recommend you to read this book because it is very interesting. This book will definitely get you into the Halloween spirit. If people like witches they would love this book.

My opinion about my book.

My opinion about the book is good. I really enjoy this book because its very interesting. The characters seem really cool and funny. The boy is very brave is Susanna Louisa is scared or needs help Rudi is right there. That is my opinion about my book.


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There is 3 settings. The main setting is the Brixen witch's house. The other setting is Rudi's house. The other setting is the Giants home. Those are the settings.


There are 3 main characters Rudi ( just a nice original boy), Susanna Louisa ( Rudi's friend), and the Brixten Witch ( the best person at Brixten town)


The plot of the book One witch at a time is when they walk a very long time to the other witches house.

About the book!

The Book is titled One witch at a time. The book is by Stacy Dekeyser. It is a Fantasy book.