AIDS, or acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is a very serious problem in most parts of the world. The disease works by taking host of T-cells, making the immune system much more vulnerable. Some countries have a way of stopping this through medicine by telling the brain to make more T-cells, but of course most countries don't have that ability because of poverty.

How it affects Sub-Saharan Africa

The adult population with AIDS goes from about 1-25% in Africa. Surprisingly, the countries that are more affected are ones that have less in poverty. In South Africa, with low poverty rates and good trading, the AIDS percentage is 17.8%. Other Southern African countries have exceeded 20%.

What can be done

There are many things that could be done. Donating money, making the people aware,

reducing discrimination, and informing women and girls how to stay safe. If these can be done, AIDS may finally be gone.