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Monthly Update from Kuna Superintendent Wendy Johnson

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  • Serving children well, requires an infinite mindset
  • Swan Falls Update
  • in case you missed it, great news about our schools and students
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The Infinite Game

Serving children well, requires an infinite mindset

"To live our lives with an infinite mindset means that we are drive to advance a Cause bigger than ourselves. We see those who share our vision as partners in the Cause and we work to build trusting relationships with them so that we may advance the common good together. We are grateful for the success we enjoy. And as we advance we work to help those around us rise. To live our lives with an infinite mindset is to live a life of service." - Simon Sinek, the Infinite Game

For Christmas, I gave my team this book. For me, Sinek's message resonated.

As educators, we are engaged in a cause that is infinite: preparing our children for bright futures. This effort is never done, after all when a graduating class commences to its next stage of life, we welcome a new class of 5 year olds just beginning their education journey.

Just as we benefit from the hard work and effort of others, we are always planning for a future we may not experience but others will.

As we begin this new calendar year, we're busy planning for the future. Here's a look at what's happening:

  • We're checking in our 10-year #growing forward plan crafted to ensure the classroom space was available for the projected growth in students and determine our next building needs.
  • I'm excited to share this spring the work of our Strategic Planning group supported by Idaho Business for Education. We're planning how to align our resources to ensure Kuna kids are #futureready and #empowered.
  • We're deep in planning for the opening of Swan Falls in a few short months. We'll be updating you frequently, and this month check out the video overview of programs that will operate at the school. We also excited to partner with Idaho Power ... owners of the Swan Falls dam area ... and their communications department who are designing logo options for the Board to consider.
  • I also want to thank a group that is studying how to ensure our athletic programs support kids. This might seem an odd time to be considering this given the success of our programs, but through an "infinite mindset" lens it makes sense to ensure a strong foundation for the components of success - strong coaching, opportunities for youth to practice and learn, create strong parent support, and more.

Finally, the Legislature is hard at work. I appreciate the work and advocacy of so many - teachers sharing the value of high expectations for students learning; Governor Little's steadfast support for early literacy; and our trustees commitment to engage decision makers to take an infinite mindset and make thoughtful decisions about how to best support local decision making.
Swan Falls High School - January 2020 Update

In case you missed this great news about our schools and students!

Big picture
Big picture
Kuna Way Awards shared CAST & December 2019

Important Dates & Events

Feb. 3 - Kindergarten registration opens

Feb. 11 - School Board meeting

Feb. 12 - Future Freshman Night, Kuna Performing Arts Center

Feb. 17 - No school Presidents' Day

Feb. 28 - End of Trimester Elementary

Superintendent Wendy Johnson

I am a superintendent of an amazing school district in Kuna, Idaho. I love serving children, teachers and families and having an impact on the future. #ksdempower #futureready