Separate and all but equal

Jim Crow Laws

Post-War Stubborness

After the Civil War was done and over with,many people still did not think African Americans should have the same priviledges as white people.Southern states used the 'sperate but equal' policy as an excuse to create laws to deny African Amercans basic human rights.These laws made it nearly impossibe for blacks to vote,and it was frowned down upon when blacks were not separated from whtes in public facilities.


The origin of the Jim Crow laws began with a white man presenting satirical humor in spite of what is believed to be either a poorly dressed stableboy or an elderly black slave with a walking disability.In the early 1800's Thomas Rice recurred on stage as a highly stereotypical African American man,mainly dancing,singing and acting foolish.Also one of the first actors to dress in blackface,Rice and his imitators led others to believe that African American were dumb,lazy,and were supposed to be kept away from white people.Even when black minstrel actors went on stage,they wore blackface and made fun of their race.Nearing the end of the 19th century,the term 'Jim Crow' was used less to describe blacks and more to coin the laws in Southern states that denied them human rights.

The Realization of a Negro's Ambition

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