Maddie's Horse

By Maddie Schmidt

The Horse

A horse is a great way to be responsible. This horse is great with kids and is a low cost. It is 300 dollars and is a gelding, or male that is fixed. His breed is a paint and I will pay for him.


Like I told you before the horse is $300 at Friends Of Nature the horse food is about 10 dollars and hay is 90 dollars per month so about $18 per week and $1800 a year. than rent at Ava's is $100 per month so a grand total at the end of the first year is $3300. All the other years it would be $3000.


There are many jobs that I can do babysitting, raking leaves, shoveling snow, dog walking, gardening, lemonade stand, chores, and mowing lawns. Mimi said that if I helped her with stuff per year she would give me $520. Then per month I would have to pay $3000. I don't know if Ava's mom provides hay or not for the horse. Also for some rent I could work for Ava's mom.