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December 2015 Newsletter

Thank you to our Families!

I want to thank all of our families, in the spirit of this past Thanksgiving. At AmeriSchools we say that we are a family and I have really seen evidence us being a family this month. I have seen many teachers meet one-on-one, after hours with families to develop strategic academic plans for their children. I have heard about many of you emailing your child's teacher or coming to our school events. We had many families come out for the football and volleyball playoffs. Your amazing support along with the hard work of the students and Coach LT, lead the Bulldogs to victory and they won the playoff tournament November 21st!

Research shows that the more parents are involved in the school, the more successful their students are in school and in their future career. Many of our families are working families, so I thank you for making the time to connect with the school or help your child on their homework.

The AmeriSchools staff was able to deliver Thanksgiving meals to many of our families in need this Holiday season and many parents donated to this cause. Thank you for helping to make this Thanksgiving full of wonderful food and love for our AmeriSchools Students.


Mrs. Gordievsky

Upcoming Events:

December 7th - 11th: School-wide Book Fair. Come to campus to see all the newest books for kids! Brought to you by Scholastic. The teachers will take the students for previews. Book purchases can before or after-school.

December 8th All school Community Exploration to the TPC Golf Clinic 9:00 am - 2:00 pm All grades!

December 10th at 5:00 pm - AmeriSchools Holiday Show. The K - 4th levels will different Holiday themed songs. Get your Jingle Bells on and come hear our musical performance

December 15th - Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Scholarly Presentations. Scholars will prove the Big Idea, "Scholars Change Over-time." They will present to a group of students and families using evidence from their portfolio of work, proving they have changed as a scholar thus far! We will send home a sign-up sheet for a presentation time.

Winter Showcase will be on the same day as Scholar Presentations. Cooking Class will make food for the presentations, so stop by the lunch room! Student work from the other specials will line the hallways! Make sure you leave time to walk the hallways before or after your child presents!

December 18th - Ugly Sweater Middle School Game Night 5th - 8th levels, brought to you by National Junior Honors Society

December 21st - January 1st - Winter Break, NO SCHOOL

Students joined in on a traditional Native American Dance before Thanksgiving!

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Scholarly Traits for the Month of December

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How you can support the targeted behavior at home

Scholars should always be thirsty for knowledge. We encourage the AmeriSchools Scholars to be curious and crave more knowledge. There is always more to learn about a given topic or research question! One way you can encourage this trait is by asking your child about what they want to learn more about. Design some interesting questions about a topic and visit the library on a Saturday! Our closest library on 15th Ave. and Montebello has incredible resources for families.
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How you can support the targeted behavior at home

Perseverance means to stick to a task. We have a picture of the glue bottle to remind students that it is important to not give up on challenging tasks. We try to challenge your child everyday and that means we have to train them not to shy away from a challenge. As scholar, we try our hardest, because we know that we learn more from a challenge. In order to learn, we have to persevere and stick to it! Parents and friends can ask your child about their most challenging task and how did they stick to it? What are some good tips for not giving up?

Readiness, Mrs. Stebor

Readiness has had a very busy November! Our scholars have grown tremendously. In phonics, we have begun learning about different word families like -at and -ap. In reading, we are practicing the skill of compare and contrast, specifically with how characters change throughout a story. In math, the readiness scholars have quickly mastered their new knowledge of ten frames, and how to represent the numbers 0-10. We will now use this new knowledge to explore addition and subtraction, specifically within 5. Last week, we completed many fun activities surrounding Thanksgiving! We learned about the pilgrims voyage to America, and the struggles they faced upon their arrival. Our scholars also completed two art projects that told what they are most thankful for. We even got to draw and paint some abstract/modern art turkeys to take home to our families! Throughout November, we have also enjoyed many fun events like our trip to the Phoenix Zoo, and a visit from an inspiring Native American musician and story teller. Readiness has many exciting events coming up in December, like our winter showcase, scholar presentations and our all-school field trip to a golf course. December will certainly fly by and our holiday break will be here soon, but we can't wait to see how much our scholars continue to grow over the next month!
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Foundations 1, Ms. Lockwood

November flew by in first level! We started the month with a field trip to the Phoenix Zoo, where we got to see our real life animals that we based our animal reports on! The first graders have been working so hard on their writing skills this month. We have set a goal for ourselves that everyone can write at least three complete sentences by Christmas break. Our writing topic that we’ve been focusing on is opinion pieces. Students have been working on writing about their opinion of the best holiday or their favorite day ever. It’s been neat to read what these creative minds are coming up with! We ended November with a study on Thanksgiving and the history behind the Mayflower journey, the pilgrims, and the Native Americans. I’m so proud of these scholars!

Keep reading first graders!

-Ms. Lockwood

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Foundations 2, Ms. Saffron

The students in 2nd level did an outstanding job in their Thanksgiving play. I am very proud of all the hard work that they are doing in all subjects. Our math journal time in the morning has become a time where students are now creating their own problems for others to solve. They are thinking of algebra equations and our math discussions are filled with vocabulary terms when students talk about how they solved the problems. We continue to read about Nature stories during the Walk to Read time period and students are working on nature collages to share with the class. In Science, we are fixing our animal reports and some students are making their own power point presentations. Each student chose an animal to research and learn about to make these reports. Keep up the wonderful work scholars!!

-Ms. Saffron

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Foundations 3, Ms. Todosijevic

Dearest Parents/Guardians,

Our class will be focusing on mastering multiplication facts up to 12. We will work on vocabulary such as: multiplication, repeated addition, array, groups, and products. They will learn how to solve word problems using the multiplication property. We will discuss commutative property, associative property, and distributive property of multiplication. Students will review elapsed time as well and continue working on adding/subtracting 4 digit numbers with regrouping.

In reading, we are starting a novel called Shiloh. They will each have the book and will be listening to an audible and reading aloud to practice their fluency and comprehension. Students will work on skills such as drawing conclusions, summarizing, inference, theme, foreshadowing, and cause/effect. This novel will take a couple months for us to finish.

In writing, students will be working on opinion pieces and summarizing. They will be using a response journal and responding to prompts regarding Shiloh and their sem'r book. I encourage your student to continue reading at home and asking them questions to summarize their reading. Students are currently writing an acrostic poem. We have been discussing different types of poems and their elements. We will also develop a haiku poem, discuss stanza, alliteration, simile, and metaphors!

The students will be learning about regular and irregular plural nouns in grammar. We will discuss abstract nouns and review compound sentences along with adjectives to better our writing pieces.

The students are continuing to work on their heritage research reports. Most are finishing up their report and continuing on to the travel log and passport! Thank you for your help on completing the family tree. Please help our classroom by bringing in a poster for your student. It can be a plain poster or tri fold. Students will complete these projects by December 14th. Our scholar presentations are December 15th and I hope to see most of you there! They are enjoying doing research and are really thrilled to share what they've discovered about themselves!

Each scholar is making huge strides and I am so proud to see their growth and share it with you every day! Thank you for your never ending support. Happy Holidays!

Yours truly,

Miss Todosijevic

Essentials 4, Ms. Rascon

The 4th Level class has been doing some amazing things. For the month of November we have had many Native American events and lessons, where we have integrated our reading and writing skills. We studied different Native American Tribes and had different groups present on the different tribes. We studied the Navajo, Pima, Hopi, Apache, Zuni, and the Pueblo Native American Tribes. Some groups did display boards others did power point presentations. The students were excited about their projects and learned from each other during their presentations.

Essentials 5, Ms. Starkins

We have combined our efforts on an Independent study project and the upcoming Scholarly Presentations. As part of the presentation students have written sonnets. We have "word smithed" them to near perfection. Now we are hard at work on presentation skills. Diction, expression, and voice projection, eye contact are just a few examples of the students are giving each other. It is amazing to watch the progress the class is making with these skills.

Middle School ELA, Mr. Carlson

Mr. Carlson's English classes have learned the value of identity and the importance of individuality from S.E. Hinton's, The Outsiders. Our next mission is to discover the importance of qualities like selflessness and earnestness that are displayed in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Mr. Carlson commends all of his students for their hard work thus far! Just to reiterate, students should be doing these three things every day: 1) Reading for 20 minutes at home 2) Writing for 20 minutes about their reading 3) Setting goals. Remember: school may end at some point, but learning shouldn't!

Middle School Science, Mrs. Amidan

The Middle School Science class has been working on our creative skills and applying them to our units of study. The 6th level has just finished their STEM project on creating their own self-sustaining ecosystem. They were asked to research what an ecosystem requires to survive, and then create their own in a mason jar. The students also learned about natural disasters. Each completed a project explaining the impact these disasters have on people, and how to stay safe if you ever encounter one! The 7th level completed their research on human impact and interactions between animals. The students picked one impact, positive or negative, and explained what interactions caused them. The students also made their own food web interactions, and creatively played with the replacing and eliminating of different organisms in the chain. 8th level has been working hard on evolution and adaptation. They have researched the importance of adapting to your environment, and made inferences about why some animals have certain characteristics. The whole middle school went on their first field trip together to the Arizona Science Center. The students learned about the body and mind, physical science, and the Earth. I think the favorite exhibit was The Forces of Nature, with a simulation that shows the effects of different natural disasters including water and wind! We are looking forward to moving on to new sections after Thanksgiving!

Middle School Mathematics, Ms. Gomez

6th grade- The students are learning how to multiply, divide add and subtract fractions and decimals. They are also learning how to determine ratios. 6th graders are a great group so far in math!

7th- Students in 7th level are learning how to find the surface area and volume of several three-dimensional shapes. They have also strengthened their abilities to find the missing variable when provided with an equation. 7th graders are learning at a fast pace and are eager to learn!

8th- 8th graders are learning how to manipulate the point-slope formula and determine the slope and the y-intercepts. They are now able to calculate the slope from the given coordinates. Students are able to change from the standard form of the equation to point-slope formula. 8th graders are gaining more momentum as the year progresses!

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