Xavier's Third Grade Connection

April 13- April 17, 2020


Language Arts
  • Read What Is A Pandemic And How Can We Stay Safe? on SeeSaw. Once you are done reading the e-book, create a poster in SeeSaw with 4 or more tips you learned about staying safe.
  • Complete the School Closing Feeling Journal Entry on SeeSaw. Use this writing activity to think about what you CAN do even when school is closed. Look at my example for some ideas.
  • Read for 30 minutes


  • Pick a multiplication fact that has been tricky for you to remember. Complete the Multiplication Strategies activity on SeeSaw. Look at my example as a reminder. This should help you memorize that tricky math fact!
  • Do First In Math


Language Arts
  • Read the story Clean Start. Complete the Continue the Learning Journey section at the bottom. Write a story with YOUR robot as the main character. Your story should be one page in length.
  • Read for 30 minutes


  • Play Roll and Multiply. You can print this page or record your results on a different sheet of paper. You will need a die and a pencil. To review the Commutative Property, watch this short video.
  • Do Xtra Math


Language Arts
  • Read Cats or Dogs? Write a persuasive paragraph on which pet would be better (4-5 sentences). Click here to review what persuasive writing is.
  • Read for 30 minutes


  • Complete the Addition With Regrouping activity on SeeSaw. Watch this video for a quick review of addition with regrouping.
  • Practice your multiplication or division flashcards


Language Arts
  • Read Are Youth Sports Too Intense? What do you think? Using the information in the article and from your personal life, write a paragraph with your opinion (4-5 sentences).
  • Read for 30 minutes




  • Listen to The Easter Egg by Jan Brett
  • What do eggs have to do with Easter? Easter is a time to celebrate new life and eggs contain new life. A young chick emerging from the egg is a symbol of the Resurrection and our emergence to new life. Easter takes place in the spring when new life comes to nature. During the Easter season, we remember that Jesus died on the cross, rose from the dead and gave us the gift of peace. You can decorate an Easter Egg if you'd like.
  • Complete the Alleluia coloring page and hang it up somewhere in your house.


  • Practice your first and last name in cursive. Look here if you need help forming your letters.

Helpful Information

  • Mrs. Rahe's Class Code: vhb5049
  • Mrs. Wubbena's Class Code: zah2491

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  • password: kaea01