Newsletter #5 (IC Edition)

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Dear Story Makers,

Hope all is extremely well,


I´m so ready to conquer the world with you guys so there are many things to talk about so let´s start!


Let´s talk about numbers:
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We are now in September and this is OUR MONTH to make everything happen!

So close up sales and began opening those opportunities for global youth coming to impact in a positive way our country!

We were a bit late in August in raising so PLEASE be conscious about the meaning of this month and everything that it involves!

September is our patriotic month as you know, so lets be even more mexiCAN in our day to day operations.

What´s going on?

Marketing Revolution

Because of IC, we are fixing some minor things on the Logos and they will be ready this week so I can present them to you guys in our virtual meeting FINALLY!

I´m super excited to showcase them to you and I hope you will love them as much as I do. Also, booklet will be ready in this same week.

So . . .

Wait for it.

Education Cycle

I heard the Team Management and Sales sessions were great for you guys and if you missed them for any reason, please find them here:

Team Management


Be aware that we are NOT done and next week we will be covering more topics! :)

If you need anything else from the Sales corner, please be sure to contact Stef or Angie.

AIESEC in Mexico & Microsoft #UpgradeYourWorldMX

AIESEC in Mexico is competing to be selected as the most impactful non-profit in Mexico! Everyday, you have the chance to vote for us. The non-profit with the most votes by Sept 23 will win $50,000 USD! If we win, we will use the funding to go back into our operations to make even more exchange and change more lives! Each LC will receive 5000mxn directly for your iGCDP projects!

HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR US STORY MAKERS! So this is what you need to be doing:

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Timeline: September 7 - September 23 (23:59pm)

Important note:

  • For Twitter, please mention @AIESECMexico
  • For Instagram, please mention @AIESECenMexico

They will be sending you guys the "Image of the Day", and you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please copy the text content for the posts! First Image of the day is attached!

This is our chance to really make our voice heard, so we are counting on you all to vote every single day! 20 seconds a day to maximize our impact! Time to be #mexiCAN!!!!

Storytelling on a Wednesday Night

Hey guys,

So we will be having our National iGCDP Meeting on Wednesday at 10:00 P.M


It is SUPER IMPORTANT for you to attend so NO EXCUSES please! :)

Link Here: iGCDP National Meeting

Mariana at IC

So ... IC ...


I want to share with you guys so much! For example, having the experience of being part of the 2020 process, meeting in person our Country Partnerships and talking about people coming to Mexico for a positive impact, being able to talk with cluster 1 MCVP iGCDPs about problems we are facing and how we should face them, etc, etc.

IC was different from I expected but I enjoyed being delegate and I am eager to tell you more about it in our virtual meeting we will be having this week!

So please please don´t miss out!

Here are some amazing personalities that I had the opportunity of getting to know:

Promise you will know more about them, our goal and other entity partners in our meeting as well :)


Make sure you check out the IC Output here: IC Live Output

To Do´s

Guys, I know all of us have a pretty tight agenda in our academic, personal and AIESEC life but you NEED to do the following in this upcoming week.

  2. Attend our Meeting this Wednesday at 10:00 PM!
  3. CONTACT YOUR COACH! Please don´t ignore them when they´re trying to help
  4. PLEASE PLEASE Wrap up/finish and SEND YOUR PLANNING to your coach (This is URGENT)
  5. Start using more or Podio Space! It´s there for a reason!
  6. Attend next educational cycles (wait for promotion)


What Makes Me Proud

Story Maker of the Week

I want to give out a quick shout out to our amazing Chair Miguel for being my Proxy for this couple of days while I was at IC.

The MC really enjoyed working with you and they love you already! :)

Thanks for taking the challenge and working with all the passion of the world day to day at the office!


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Have so much to say in this section . . . BUT, I feel it will be better if I just talk to you guys in our meeting so PLEASE GO GO GO! :)

Happy Tuesday my dearest VPs!

#NoSeVanSinEstarEnTOP15 #mexiCAN #MakeThemFEELtheVIBE!