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A Paper By The Students For The Students

Art Explorations Has Kids Working Their Creative Side

By: McKensi B.

Blue Earth- Twenty-three seventh graders and twenty-four sixth graders are working their creative side in Art Explorations, an elective class at the Blue Earth Area Middle School. Students get to choose what they want to create, and projects range anywhere from paintings, drawings, sculptures, wood burning, string art, weavings, and many more. The students enjoy choosing what they create for many reasons. “Because [projects] are fun,” one of the students, Logan, said. “We get a chance to draw what we want to draw,” another student, Tyler, said. “They are interesting and they challenge you,” said a third student, Joseph.

At the beginning of the semester students complete warm up projects that Ms. Albright, the teacher, chooses. After that, students are required to have two “WOW!” pieces that are critique-ready each quarter. The “WOW!” projects stand for Wonderful Original Works. “They use the artistic process to plan, create, refine and reflect on their work,” says Ms. Albright. Art Explorations students choose the subject and medium they use on the project, and “WOW!” projects are presented during the class critique. The students normally create four to six projects each quarter.

BEA Speech Team Gains Experience And Honors At Worthington

Blue Earth- Five members of the BEA Speech Team attended their first tournament of the season on February 6, 2016, at Worthington High School. They performed in their respective categories and earned some experience and awards.

The BEA speech team welcomes any student from grades 7-12 to join the team. The students attend invitational tournaments and compete in small groups of 6-8 against others in the room. There are 13 different categories and the students each specialize in their own category to memorize and perfect their piece for the season. “Some students however excel in several categories instead of just one,” said Coach Michelle Ehlers. Usually, for the sub sections the top 6 kids advance in the entire sub section. When that’s done, they attend the section tournament and the top three students in all the categories advance to the State Competition in April. BEA mainly attends tournaments in southern Minnesota such as: Mankato, Fairmont, New Ulm, St. Peter, Janesville and more. “Kids join for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because it’s a fun way to make friends and to get better at a skill at your own pace without having to try out or compete for playing time,” said Coach Michelle Ehlers. This year there are just under 20 kids that joined speech. They attend 7 invitational meets, 1 junior high meet, an all-conference meet and sub sections. When that’s done, they have to earn a certain place to move on. “Speech is a unique opportunity for kids to travel, meet new people, and make friends with similar interests from other schools, to become stronger at an activity they really enjoy, whether it’s drama or discussion,” said Coach Ehlers. They also make decisions on their own with an adult to help guide them and friends by their side.


Tropical Madness week was April 11th-15th with the talent show on the 15th. There were many very good acts at the talent show. There was singing, dancing, and even jokes. At the end of the Talent Show the teachers and staff did a mix of dances to different songs such as "The Chicken Dance," "Watch Me," "The Cha-Cha Slide," and many more.