By: Alexandra Gonzalez

What is a Digital Footprint and why is it important?

  • A Digital Footprint is a footprint you leave online weather it's negative or positive, and it's important because it can have a positive impact and a negative one. It depends what you do on any social media that you have an account, and its your decision to have a positive and negative footprint.

What does your Digital Footprint consist of? What tools/social media sites do you use and for what purpose?

  • Facebook-I use Facebook for anything when I’m bored I’ll go on it, I’m friends with random people either from Chicago, or that I go to school with. My account is public you can find it if you search up my name. I often use Facebook on daily basis. This impacts my footprint as a positive view because it’ll let people know that I’m social.
  • Instagram-I use Instagram to post pictures of important events or just me doing weird random things. I’m friends with anyone people from Europe, Mexico, Canada basically every, I’m a very social person. My account is private if you request to add me I’ll add you back I stopped going on Instagram because I’m usually on Snapchat and Facebook, but when I have the chance I’ll go on Instagram. This impacts my footprint that I’m not focus because I'm always on social media sites
  • Snapchat-I use Snapchat for anything honestly, I’m friends with people I talk to on daily basis or just random people, and family members. My account is public so you can put in my Snapchat name and find me. I often go on Snapchat everyday I’m basically obsessed with Snapchat. This might impact my footprint because it'll give people that I don't have a life.

What impact does/can your footprint have on your future?

Helpful- At our school we had Job Career Fair we had to take a photo and post it on any social media website that I had an account on, and I chose Facebook because why not I was already on the site, so after I posted I got comment on where it was and what for I answered them on why we had a Job Career Fair.

Harmful- Well I haven’t done anything harmful on any social media, and if I would in the future I’m pretty sure I’ll be in very big trouble with my parents, and colleges who check your background will not be happy with you they will be disappointed that your doing things that are negative.

What can you do to continue to improve your online identity?

  1. Post positive comments, tweets, snaps, and pictures that are appropriate not the other way around.
  2. Another thing that can improve my online identity is doing something good in the community or anywhere and being able to be recognize on social media sites, and other websites. Or being interested in sports, colleges, and clubs.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this semester about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint?

  • The most important thing I've learned this semester is that, in order to have a positive Footprint you have to post positive posts not negative or inappropriate, and to post things that can have a good impact not a bad one. Also, I would recommend that you watch what you post, and think who is going to see it.