The Country Jordan

By:David Yoo

Jordan`s Place

Jordan's system of government is a constitutional monarchy. It has a king and queen. The king is the most powerful political and military person in the country. It also has a prime minister. The prime minister is chosen by the monarchs. The 2 branches of parliament consists of a 75- seat Senate ( chosen by the king ) and the 150-seat House of Deputies, who popularly elected by the with 6 seats reserved for women. All legislators serve 4 year terms. Jordan is divided into 12 "governorates" which is like states, and then divided again into 54 smaller land called Nahias. Nahias are like counties. I think people are affected and there lives are better than other people in other countries because Jordan is sort a democratic country. There is some conflict in Jordan, though. Some people think they will be drawn into Syria's war. Jordan and Syria are bitter political enemies. Some people even think that Syria's president is encouraging Al-Qaeda linked plots. This affects the people because there is no dictator. I think people are living better life than people with dictators. Even though there is a king, it is not a direct democracy, it is a constitutional monarchy. In a dictatorship people have no freedom. In a constitutional monarchy, there is freedom.

Jordan`s Location

Jordan is in the North Eastern Hemisphere.Jordan is part of Asia. Jordan is west of Iraq, South of Syria, east of Israel, and southeast of Lebanon. There is several bodies of water near Jordan to (but not in it). Jordan is east of The Dead Sea, east of the Sea of Galilee, Southeast of the Jordan River, east of the Mediterranean Sea, and north of the Gulf of Aqaba. Jordan's capital, Amman, is at about 32 East, and 36 North. Jordan's location makes it hot and it has several deserts. I think it impacts other people in Jordan because they don`t have water in Jordan except tiny streams, and lakes. Some people may die because they don`t have water. Since it is in the Middle East, there is probably a lot of fighting there. It is near Israel, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, and Iraq. I think it impacts the people because there is a lot of Syrian refugees coming in because of Syria's Civil War.

Jordan`s Economy

  • Jordan`s economy is doing well, rising annually 7%. What makes it hard though, is the scarce water supply, and complete dependence in oil imports for energy. Jordan`s economy is centered in some things like phosphates , tourism, foreign aid, and things like that.Their GDP is 31.35 billion dollars

Jordan`s Human Interaction

People use natural resource such phosphate and oil to gain more money. Phosphate is a huge part of Jordan`s export income. Another large one is potash. 95% of potash is used for fertilizers. About 40 percent of oil imports were used by the transport sector (airlines railroads, etc.), 25 percent to generate electricity, 16 percent by industry, and the remainder for domestic use. The environment effects the country because if there was no phosphates or other natural resources, Jordan might just wither out, literally. They have no lakes or rivers. Maybe some small creeks. Below are several jobs made by the environment.

Jordan News

Jordan is taking action against polio, as the outbreak had been reported in Syria.Thousands of people have been vaccinated, including 190,500 Syrian refugees.Jordan wants everyone living in Jordan under 20 years old to be vaccinated. This will impact people in Jordan because they will need to be vaccinated against polio. This might impact the U.S. because if there is a shortage of medicine, like what happened in N.J. last year with the flu,people might start getting sick and dying in Jordan. The disease might spread to other countries, since people have not been vaccinated.

Jordan`s Movement

96% of households have at least one main line telephone. 103% of the population has a cell phone, and 15% have more than one. Jordan`s communication include media, internet, cell phones, television,and radio.

Jordan`s Region

Several large cities are Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, and Russiefa. Several landforms and biomes in Jordan are deserts in the east, highlands in the west, And there is a valley called The Great Rift Valley. There is the Gulf of Aqaba and The Dead Sea. The biome in Jordan is mostly deserts. Jordan has several similarities and differences with other countries. For example, let`s compare Jordan to Iran. Like most middle east countries, Iran and Jordan have oil. They both are peaceful right now. They are both in the middle east. They also have several differences. Iran has a democratic government, but Jordan is a monarchy. It is not a direct monarchy though. They both have different time zones, and Iran is richer than Jordan in GDP per capita.

Jordanian Food