Nicole White and Renee Ward; 2nd Period RELA

What are Hobbits?

Hobbits are little people, and are smaller than dwarfs.

What do Hobbits Look Like?

They are small, have curly hair, and hairy feet. They grow to be an average of 2’- 4’ tall. They have pointed ears, giving them an elf-ish appearance. They sometimes wear bright colors, and don't often wear shoes.

Where do Hobbits live?

Most Hobbits live in hillsides and highlands in the Shire.

What Best Describes a Hobbit's Lifestyle?

Hobbits love peace and quiet, and love to farm. They don't like machines, but they love working with tools. They don't like to be in much hurry. Eating, laughing, and drinking is somethings they do at parties. They love parties, and love to exchange presents.

What are the Different Types of Hobbits?

  • The three different types of Hobbits are the Harfoots, the Stoors, and the Fallohides.
  • Harfoots- Most common hobbit, and is smaller, shorter, and and has browner skin. Skilled with hands and preferred hillsides and highlands to live in.
  • Stoors- Broader and heavier with larger hands and feet than other hobbits, and often lived near water or flat land. Most reluctant to leave the River Aduin.
  • Fallohides- Have fairer hair and skin and are taller and slimmer. Least common hobbit. Has better relations with the elves of middle earth, and more skilled with language and song. They like hunting.

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