Fun multiplayer classroom quizzes

What is Quizizz?

Quizizz is a free fun multiplayer classroom review tool, that allows all your students to practice and learn together. Super-easy to create quizzes and super-fun to use with avatars, leaderboards, themes, music and memes to keep your students on their toes!

What more? There are millions of public quizzes. You can access the detailed class and student-level data at the end of each quiz which gives you an insight of the entire class.


How Can Teachers Use it?

Use Quizizz as an in-class quiz game or assign it for homework for students to complete on their own. The reports make it easy to use quiz results to inform instruction. Teachers can see how students performed on each question and use that information to figure out what needs to be retaught or readdressed as well as which students might need some individual or small group reinforcement.

To go beyond simple checks for understanding, explore how quizzes can lead to more student-driven reflection and self-assessment using post-quiz polls and surveys.

Quizizz and the SAMR model

Here is an example of how Quizizz might fit within the SAMR model:

  • Substitution: Students take an online quiz on Quizizz rather than on a piece of paper.
  • Augmentation: As they take the quiz, the students can see how their responses compare to the rest of the class while remaining anonymous.
  • Modification: The students are able to review their responses immediately while still fresh in their minds rather than having to wait for a teacher to grade each individually.
  • Redefinition: The instructor reviews the trends in the class’s data (i.e. which problems took students longest to answer, which questions the most students got wrong, etc.) and uses these results to determine which topics need further attention.


Here are some other websites I found that might assist you if you plan to try using Quizizz with your students: