You Can't Enlist? INVEST!

America's Biggest Stars Go on Tour to Raise Money for War

Summary of Event

In 1942, the U.S. needed money from American citizens to wage war. Taxes would pay for half of the war effort, but President Roosevelt came up with a plan to raise the rest through war bonds. He would utilize Hollywood stars' fame to convince Americans to buy war bonds to pay for the war effort. War bonds would raise millions of dollars for the war effort.
Historic Archival Stock Footage WWII - Movie Stars Aid America's War Bond Drive


At first, America was unsure of the war bonds, but as time went on, Roosevelt's plan worked. War bonds raised about $838,540,000 for war funds and manufacturing. The money raised made everything as small as ammunition to as big as tanks. War bonds were purchased for $18.75, but 10 years after you purchased a war bond you could go back and get $25 for every war bond you originally bought.

All kinds of different celebrity's volunteered to help in the effort. Stars like sports stars, famous artists, movie stars, famous singers, comic makers, and comedians all participated. Hollywood stars raised money by touring the country and giving concerts. Sports stars played charity games or held meet and greets.

The impact was tremendous. Stars Over America and War Bonds was a significant reason the allies won the war. This just show that when America works together it can make a huge difference.


Bette Davis, a famous actress of the 1900's, was angry how Americans didn't have any commitment in the war. Even though she was angry, she always thought that Roosevelt's ideas were the best.

"I think it is outrageous that movie stars have to wheedle and beg people into buying bonds to help their country. But if that is the way it is, I'm going to squeeze all I can out of everybody."

It was told that she was never afraid to state her opinion or to help raise money for her country.


  • 337 stars participated.
  • More that half of the U.S. population contributed to war bonds.
  • Stars even went on small/ local radio shows.
  • Famous paintings went on tour to raise money.
  • Stars did it so soldiers felt like they were still fighting for their homeland.


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