Cougar Connection

Issue 6 Volume 2

Week of September 28th

We were on the search for the implementation of Target the Question in Math classes. We saw implementation across the campus. Your next charge is to continue a weekly discussion and collaboration on the weekly mathematical grade level focus.

This end of month is extremely busy for us all. Effective planning and pacing will help you get thru these busy times. Six weeks assessments, grading, compliance, and so forth is looming over all of us. You are all dedicated and committed professionals and I trust that you will get it all done.

Next week we will begin our Data Talks to review your common assessments results. You will be getting a schedule and further directions next week.


Week of September 28th

12:15- Kinder ECP- Focus Common Assessment 2nd six weeks

3:20- PD for our new teachers- Unpacking Standards, part 2
8:00 ARD's - Sifuentes

10:00- 4th grade ECP- Common Assessments- 2nd six weeks

11:00- ARD- Ramos

11:45- ARD- Taiwo

12:15- 2nd grade ECP- Common Assessments-2nd Six weeks

3:15- ARD- Dawson

9:00 3rd grade ECP- Common Assessments- 2nd six weeks

1:15 1st grade ECP- Common Assessments- 2nd six weeks

3:20- PD-Ms. Thornton- MONDO reading materials- "How to access Guided Reading Materials"

8:55- 5th grade ECP-Common Assessments-2nd six weeks
3:20 Professional Development

****Grade Levels please ensure to meet with Ms. Giles this week except Tuesday, to work on your CUM folders. Grade Level chairs please inform your team when this will take place, during planning, after school, except for ECP time.****

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Parent Conference Night

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 4-7:30pm

10400 Rylie Road

Dallas, TX

Parent Conferences will be coming soon!