Project Innovate

The power of mobile technology for teaching and learning.

Admission Tickets Required!

Before attending your scheduled Project Innovate training you must earn an admission ticket by participating in some flipped learning activities. You can choose to print your completed ticket or save a digital copy that you can show when entering training.

The articles below will provide all of the details related to the required tasks necessary for earning a ticket.

Open and Save the Word document you received in email or visit the Project Innovate website to download and save the Admission Ticket.

The completed document can be printed, uploaded and saved to your Google drive, captured as an image and saved to a personal cell phone or tablet, or emailed to yourself. You can choose how you will access your admission ticket that you will show at the door when attending training.

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What is Project Innovate?

Project Innovate is a BOND 2014 funded project that provides iPad devices to BISD staff. This technology will enable teachers to:

  • participate in personalized professional learning with anytime/anywhere access to information, experts, resources, and more
  • access productivity, communication, collaboration, and creation tools/resources
  • model the use of technology as a tool for learning
  • learn more about how to incorporate the student use of mobile devices/technology in in meaningful and engaging learning activities

The Digital Learning Team offers several training opportunities each month. Training dates and times are always announced first in the weekly Digital Learning News. To attend training you must have confirmed enrollment status in Eduphoria Workshop.

Please note: Project Innovate iPads are not intended to be used as a student device.

iPad cases are a personal preference therefore we are not providing a case for Project Innovate iPads.

As you view the following videos and read the articles, please begin completing your Admission Ticket with the following information:

1. Summary of Project Innovate Goals

2. BISD Username and Password

3. iTunes Username and Password

4. BISD Google Username and Password

5. Twitter Username and Password

Flipped Learning Begins HERE
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Creating a Personal Apple ID (iTunes Account)

Before attending training, staff must create an Apple ID to use on their Project Innovate iPad, or use an existing personal account.

To create an account or manage an existing account, go to

When creating an account you must complete the online form and then open your email, and follow the provided link to VERIFY your new account. Setup is not complete until the account has been verified.

Record your Apple ID username and password on your Admission Ticket and bring to training with you.
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Google Apps for Education

All BISD staff and students have a Google account provided by the district. Your Google account will be accessible on the iPad and can be used to create and share with colleagues and students. Before Project Innovate training login to your Google account at least once and record your username and password. We will access Google during Project Innovate training.

For more information about BISD Google accounts, visit and/or view the following video link that will walk you through the initial login process.
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Twitter is a growing and respected Professional Learning Network (PLN). Your Project Innovate iPad will give you quick and easy access to your Twitter account so that you can connect with like professionals and learn anytime, anywhere.

At Project Innovate training you will have an opportunity to download and use Twitter. Prior to training it is essential that you visit and setup an account.

Below is a video clip to walk you through the process of setting up Twitter. You can also find resources for using Twitter on the Digital Learning website.
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iPad Loan Agreement

Prior to training, staff must be familiar with this User Agreement. Included in this agreement you will find details regarding:

  • The Purpose of Project Innovate
  • Professional Ethics
  • Staff Understandings
  • Proper Care
  • Loss, Damage, Theft, or Vandalism Procedures

After reviewing the iPad Loan Agreement, please submit verification on this form.

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More About Using Your Project Innovate iPad

Find My iPad

If your iPad goes missing, iCloud can help you figure out where it is. Sign in with your Apple ID at to locate your missing device on a map. You can enable Lost Mode immediately to prevent anyone else from accessing your personal information. You can also lock your device and send it a message with your contact number.

For more information or to access these features, go to

iPad User Guide

For an in depth look at all features and functions of the iPad, you can access Apple's iPad User guide at

If on your Project Innovate iPad, you can chose the iBooks version to download the PDF to iBooks for offline access.

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