Ms. Austin + Miss Benson's News

For the week of March 4-8th

Thank you for helping cut labels off of bread bags! As we collect labels, we earn points, which allows us to get FREE items for our class room!

Important Dates

Friday, March 1
  • Word Study

Wednesday, March 6
  • Walk to School Day
  • Math test: Perimeter, Area, Volume, Angles, and Temperature

Thursday, March 7

  • Science test: Mixtures and Solutions

Tuesday, March 12

  • Middle School Visit: SPECIAL EVENT FOR


    MARCH 12, 2013 AT 6:30


    (Ask your teacher if you have questions about which school you will attend next year.)

    Please come to learn more about your middle school for next year:

    School personnel, selection of courses, extracurricular clubs and activities.


Tuesday and Wednesday, March 19 and 20
Friday, March 22
  • BINGO night at IHES

Thursday, March 28

  • Math MAP testing 7:50-8:45

Thursday, April 11

  • Reading MAP testing 7:50-8:45

Thursday, April 18

  • Language Usage MAP testing 7:50-8:45

SC Walk to School Day

March 6th, next Wednesday is SC Walk to School Day. It will run just like the one in the Fall. Bus riders will let out on the corner of Anacostia and Congaree. Car riders will let out on Anacostia with Safety Patrol opening doors. All vehicles should enter on Congaree instead of Yukon for this event. Thank you for helping our students practice healthy habits.

PASS Writing

March 19th and 20th. Please make sure your daughter is well rested and ready to write! Follow this link for the PASS testing schedule:

MAP Testing Letter from Mrs. Kelsey

ROAR Soccer

They have single gender teams for 5th and 6th grade and we need more girls!

Parents that are interested can go to

5th Grade Yearbook Messages

Do you want your 5th grader to have a special spot in the yearbook? It will be $5 for your daughter to have a special message in the yearbook. The money will be due to IHES PTO by March 15th.

The forms will be sent home this Wednesday!

Yearbook Orders

Visit Yearbook ID Code: 11108513

6 Year Pirates

The yearbook committee has decided to start an annual tradition by including a page called " Six Year Pirates". We would like to add some candids of the kids throughout their years at India Hook....from kindergarten up. If you have ANY fun pictures of these soon to be middle schoolers from their " younger years", please share with us. These photos must be of students who have been at IHES since kindergarten!

Our students can access this database from home and school. Follow this link and use the username and password below:
username: ihes
password: ihes

"On the Radio" Musical

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade musical will be held on Thursday, May 2 at 7PM at Sullivan Middle School's Auditorium

5th Grade Poster Contest

Please let us know if you are going to do this (outside of school). It is due on April 1st.

“Say No to Drugs and Violence” Calendar Contest (complete at home)

Pirates are Globe Trotting for Box Tops

We are having a contest to see who can collect Box Tops from the most distant part of the world.

The students that collect Box Tops from the farthest away places will earn prizes.

The student that collects Box Tops from the most distant part of the world will earn the grand prize.

Students that turn in box tops from a different states will receive a ticket for free ice cream and their names will be entered into a raffle for prizes.

Technology Use

As you know, the use of technology is encouraged in our classroom and over the break many students got new technology such as iPads, tablets, iPod/ iTouch, and cell phones.

For your daughter to bring any technological device to school, you must first sign the technology waiver and return it to school. If the device is brought to school, it is for educational purposes only and will only be used at the appropriate time for learning. Students will not be allowed to use their device at lunch or recess.