The Roman Experience

Visiting Rome, Italy by: Caleb Underwood

Purpose Statement

Sometimes I forget how amazing the human race really is, and how much we can/ and already have accomplished. It has always been a dream of mine to experience the marvels of Rome and on my trip I hope to be reminded that we can all accomplish great things in our lives. The Romans were well ahead of their time and I hope that while i am there I have an epiphany about where I want my life to head. Ultimately, I want this experience to change my outlook on life.
-The estimated year for my trip is in 2020 and I hope to go on a week-long adventure. I will be booking my trip through a travel agency and will have to fly over to Rome.

My trip will require no prior training, but I might want to take some Italian asses so there isn't too much of a language barrier. All I will really need is a camera and clothing, no other equipment is necessary.

-I will have to get a travel visa and a passport prior to my trip so I can actually leave the United States. When booking with the travel agency they will take care of booking the hotel and take care for some of the food and drink as well as helping us communicate to the people who don't speak English. Most Italians do know English, but learning a little Italian would help me in the long run. I plan on going with my mom and dad as a graduation trip after college.

Funding and Anticipated Challenges

I plan on saving money over the period of the next four and a half years and putting it into a savings account. The money will not be touched and I hope to have saved at least 5,000 dollars, which is not unreasonable over a four year period. My biggest challenge will be not touching the money I put in the savings account, but I will eventually get used to it.