Nuclear Fusion

We've unlocked the secret wondered for decades!

Date: May 6, 2016


My name is Dr. Engelmohr PhD in Nuclear Physics and our labs at Archetype Inc. have discovered how to use Nuclear Fusion to our advantage for multiple energy purposes.

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion, unlike nuclear fission, it is the act of binding nuclear molecules rather than splitting them and gathering the energy that is produced from that in a controlled series. The foundation of nuclear energy is harnessing the power of atoms. Both fission and fusion are nuclear processes by which atoms are altered to create energy, but what isNuclear fission takes place when a large, somewhat unstable isotope (atoms with the same number of protons but different number of neutrons) is bombarded by high-speed particles, usually neutrons. These neutrons are accelerated and then slammed into the unstable isotope, causing it to fission, or break into smaller particles. During the process, a neutron is accelerated and strikes the target nucleus, which in the majority of nuclear power reactors today is Uranium-235. This splits the target nucleus and breaks it down into two smaller isotopes (the fission products), three high-speed neutrons, and a large amount of energy.

Safety Concerns

Particular safety concerns present themselves when dealing with nuclear fusion, one is the immense amount of energy that is released when combining two atoms, other concerns deal with maintaining and distributing the energy once released and also preserving the energy for later usage. The risk of a meltdown is much higher due to the fact that Fusion actually doesn't have meltdowns, we have explosions the size of atomic bombs and one good sized Fusion power plant explosion will be the equivalent of 50 megatons. That gives it a blast radius of 50+ miles.

Economic Impact

However, if we can look past the safety concerns, this energy source will have an enormous effect on our economy which then trickles down to the world economy. This means that our future and civilization as human beings will be changed forever, propelling our society 70 years into the future, eventually as our technology progresses. The advancements we have accomplished in the past will be passed on to 3rd world countries or developing countries. Poor Kenyan or Filipino villages will be using 60 watt light bulbs as the rest of the world has moved on to Nuclear Fusion, stock market exchanges will jump 130% in virtually every stock, global economy will skyrocket to new heights and never come back down.