Jogre Maritnez

this is about me

My favorite sport

my favorite sport is football I enjoying watching football bit I like to play football

what i like to do wen im bored

wen I'm bored I like to draw or listen to music

favorite food

my favorite food is pizza i never get tired of eating pizza

favorite rappers

my favorite rapper are SPM, GT Garza and Eminem

someone I look up to

I look up to my step dad he's a hard worker, he's never home cause he's always working.

Favorite Holiday

my favorite holiday is December because you get presents and a lot of thing

sports this year

I don't know if weights is a sport but i'm doing winter weights and track

Faborite books to read

my favorite books to read are Buford books, they are interesting to read

Favorite hour in school

my favorite hour in school is second because is PE


on vacation I like to go to Mexico and spend come time with family or wen I don't go to Mexico I go to Dallas, Texas