21st Century Learning

Term 3 Week 7

A smattering of resources added this term.

Book Week - Wheels of Light - Lizzie Chase's has used the Super Six thinking skills to create task wheels for each nominated book with 8 possible tasks. Thanks for sharing Lizzie.


Values - Suggested texts for th eteaching of 9 values eg Trust, Respect, Freedom, A Fair Go.

Paragraphing Lesson - Located under the Punctuation heading.

Spelling Resources - Gayle Pinn

Speech, Sound Pics - Trinity Hook

Images With Sounds

Myth Writing Machine - I may have previously mentioned it.

I Can's - Steph Westwood


Debbie Ross Webinars and Resources

- The current Accreditation Process

- Teaching Grammar


Go Maths - Free resources

Matific - Free resources

Mixture of Resources

Coding - A new look coding page.

Asia - Maths and the Asian Culture, Grow Maths and Intercultural Communication.

Story Jumper - Story creator web 2 tool.

Button Bass - Listed under the Create heading, my class loves this!

They also love most of the links on the Music and Art webpages.

I embed the links in a Smart Notebook file and allow my students to "free range".

I find this method of sharing links, with my students, to be the most effective.

If you would like a copy just email me.

Create Wanted Posters - 2 different links.

Foldables - Free!!! Grab them as they are a "hot" costly item.

Apps - Scribble Press a book creator, Mixala a photo editor, Moma Art Lab,

Just Kidding - A good site to read free online magazines, movie and dvds reviews, analyse advertising and read book reviews. Also check out the latest high interest news items.

Science - History - Geography

Floating and Soaring - New soaring resources.

The Way We Were - 3 new additions.

Workers in Our Community - A new worksheet.

Products and Services - We Make Things.

Geography - Argo Floats an understanding our oceans resource and new global connections resources.

Adapt previous COGS-HSIE units to create a new syllabus History or Geography unit.

Yeh Shen - A Chinese Cinderella Story

Teacher Sharing

Would you like to share your Term 1 or 2 unit or links to great sites?

Many teachers continue to amaze me with their generosity and because of this we are all richer. I believe "sharing, inspires!"

Inspire your colleagues today by sharing : )

Figurative Language in movies and commercials