Don't Be A CyberBully Bully Bully

Don't bully

If you go on to the internet just to laugh by bulling people. In my opinion you should not have any friends none. What is cyberbullying you may ask, well it means when someone or a group of people bully someone over the internet like on Facebook and twitter. When people get called names and get told bad things like Your such a loner and the worst of all Go Kill Yourself and a lot of people sometimes do :( :(

Bulling Stops Now

If you bully you should really stop. Because if you tell someone to do something bad and they do it imagine how bad you would feel if it was you and if you don't know how to stop maybe ask a friend or someone you can trust to try and help you. Bulling needs to stop and needs to stop NOW.
Don't Bully - Be a Friend