christopher paul curtis project by Alan castro


Exposition:the story ELIJAH takes place in BUXTON,Canada witch is a settelment on no page just on the back of the book.And the time when all these events happened was when Americans still owned slaves.But ELIJAH was theonly not a slave/free so everybody thinks eleven year old Elijah is fragile. And the people he knows is his parents cooter/best friend, a preacher,mrs.Holton,flapjack/Dog.

rising action:so Elijah finds out that hes good at chunking rocks and catching fish the way he founds out was when a preacher took him to a forest that his parents told him not to go to. There where snakes and more in there so the preacher told him to do these tasks. Elijah is trying to tell him that he has chores to do and the preacher finaly listens all that happens on p.36-p45. Then ELijah got invited to a carnivel ther was a poster that says see madame sabbar the royal huntress from sweden! she has slain 541 swedish moth lions with no weapon other than her slingshot!!!! then Elijah went to the carnivel and notices that next to the targets was a big board that had a thick dark green forest painted on it. Then Elijah goes to the carnivel and notices that next to the targets was a thick dark green forest painted on it. but the woman only parished 500 swedish moth lions! so far on p.108. but then on p.111,p.112 a man pointed his walking stick at the board with the jungle and the six knotholes so a little boy reached in a bag on his waist and threw something all sparkling and flashing at the woman. Then the white man with the walking stick tied a blind fold around Madame Sabbar's face.Then put a cloth sack over that so they could tell she could not see a thing.The man turned the slingshot lady so's she was facing the board with the holes in it direct.Then they found out that, that wasn't a swedish jungle chief atal! this was Jimmy Blassingame one of the white children from chatham that studied at Elijahs school! The woman took off the blind fold and was left comepeletely sightless but then a swedish moth lion attacked the man screamed Madame Sabbar! the coward is attacking! fire your weapon Madame Sabbar lifted her slingshot and let one n'em fat purple grapes fly.It splashed on the side of the tent five feet above Jimmy's head.The savage moved to another spot Jimmy's head came out of whole number five witch was on the bottom row in the middle of the board I've got it! the walking stick man yelled .Jimmy's face showed up in the right whole on the right in the bottom row and bout half the crowd shouted six! that hunting lady couldn't see a thing! But she shot one n'em grapes so fast and true that it cought Jimmy square in the middle of his forehead! He'd ducked his head so that was all that was poking out of the whole.Everybody laughed so hard that the tent shook! Jimmy went to whole number five,whole number four,whole number one and whole number three,and every time his forehead popped out,the crowd snitched on him and madame sabbar gave him the same treatment.After a while all the grapes that got smashed on Jimmy's forehead started leaking down into jimmy's eyes so he bended over to wipe it off and so they continued. on p.106-p.114 after that Elijah and the preacher stepped into an Atlas clearing it was like a whole another world then they meet Mawee atleast they thought they did on p.116-p.133 then later Elijah's dad ,flapjack Elijah and cooter where down on mrs.Holtons land uprooting stumps on p.154-p.169 in p.170-p.173 cooter and Elijah ring a giant bell 100 times from p.170-p.180 Elijah finds out how it feels like being a grown man.After that flapjack smelled something dangerous then Elijah decided to go to Chatham to check on mail so Elijah turned in flapjack/dog for doggone horses then Elijah made it to Chatham but he saw a sign on the window it said CLOSED UNTIL THE FIFTH.ANY ENQUIRERYS SEE GEORGE AT THE DRY GOOD STORE.So Elijah went next door to MacMahon's Dry goods.Elijah came inside and told a man i'm here for the mail sir the sign said come talk to you so he took Elijah to the post office they where talking about then the man handed Elijah the only letter there all that happened on p.181-p.200 then on p.201-p.222.Elijah found out where the money was at. Then on p.223-p.237 nothing important happened.After that on p.238-p.250 flap jack/Dog found out that someone was near by Elijah then Elijah heard Cooter/best friend calling Elijahs name Elijah said cooter im down here!!! then Cooter and Elijah where talking about what happened to Elijah they said that the preacher died or made the preacher a strangers slave.Then on p.261-p.274 nothing important happened.After that on p.275-p.286 it was all about the death of Mr.Leroy then on p.287-p.308 Elijah got terrofied in America.After that on p.309-p.321 it was about busting free.Then on p.322-p.341 Elijah had to ride back to Buxton.

protaganist v.s. antagonist:Elijah v.s. a thief

because Elijahs friend is tying to pay his way out of slavery but then this man stole all their money so Elijah is trying to track down this man and get Elijahs friends money back

conflict:man vs man

because Elijah is trying to track down a thief


Elijah is a fragile boy in the begining but then he becomes a hero

Protagonist and Antagonist

Elijah is the good guy because he tracks down a thief the antagonist is a bad guy because he stole money from a slave

Historycal time period

when people still owned slaves