Daniel Webster Elementary School

Weekly Update:

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A Message from Mrs. MacNeil

Greetings DWS Families!

It was another great week at DWS! I would like to thank our PTO for the support they give us every day! This week alone, the PTO paid for the bus for our first graders to go to a play in Boston and brought the Mad Scientist in for a performance about Science for all K-5 students! We are so lucky to have the support from our PTO!

Mrs. MacNeil

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Important Dates to Note


March 10 - Trimester 2 Ends

March 14 - Enrichment Wk 3

March 14 - School Site Council at 4:00-5:00

March 15 - Grade 6 Information Night (for 5th grade)

March 16 - Town Wide Volleyball Game 6:00-8:00 MHS

March 17 - Term 2 Report Cards Issued

March 21 - Enrichment Wk 4

March 21 - Evening Conferences 6:00-8:00

March 22 - Afternoon Conferences 1:30-3:30

March 28 - Grade 5 Puberty Discussion at 9:00

March 28 - Enrichment Wk 5

March 30 - MCAS Grade 3 ELA

March 31 - MCAS Grade 3 ELA

Check out our new DWS Family Calendar! It's a live document and we will be updating it as the year progresses.

DWS Family Calendar

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DWS Elementary Conferences

Elementary Conferences will be held on Tuesday, March 21, 6:00-8:00PM and Wednesday, March 22, 1:30-3:30PM. We will be using PTCFAST for online scheduling, which allows parents/guardians to be in charge of their conference schedules.

Parents/guardians can access the conference sign-ups by clicking on a link that will be put on the DWS webpage on Friday, March 17, at 3:00pm using the following steps:

Accessing PTCFAST.com:

· From the DWS webpage, click on http://ptcfast.com/schools/Dan...

· A list of all teachers (by grade or subject) will be displayed.

· Click on the names of your student’s teachers with whom you wish to conference.

· Select a time and enter the required information (student’s and parent’s name and email).

· PTCFAST.com will send you an email confirmation. The email will give you information if you need to change your appointment and will send you a reminder of appointments.

As always, appointments do book quickly and are on a first come, first served basis. If you are unable to access an appointment with your student’s teacher, please contact that teacher to discuss your student at a different date/time. If you have any questions about the scheduling process, please contact Mrs. Jackson at jjackson@mpsd.org or Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Morris at (781) 834-5045.

After School Enrichment-Last Class RSVP IMPORTANT!

The final session for all classes of the Daniel Webster After School Enrichment Program will be Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

The After School Enrichment staff at Daniel Webster School welcomes you to share in your student’s After School Enrichment experience by observing the final class on April 4, anytime between 4:20 pm - 4:35 pm. The students have truly enjoyed the various activities the program offers. Thank you for giving them the opportunity to participate.

Anyone attending/observing the final class on April 4, 2023, will need to be on the current CORI list. This is a perfect time to check your CORI status or to complete a CORI as there may be field trips and/or special classroom events in the upcoming spring season.

CORI FORM *Please note that a government issued form of identification (Driver’s License, Passport) must be presented in person when submitting this form.

If you plan to have someone attend your student's After School Enrichment final class on April 4, 2023, 4:20-4:35pm, please complete this form by March 27, 2023: Final Class RSVP

If you have any questions, please contact the Program Director, Mrs. Jackson, at jjackson@mpsd.org.

Thank you!

Mrs. Jackson

DWS Read-A-Thon

Thank you so much for your participation in the DWS Read-A-Thon! Just a reminder, all pledges and forms are due on Wednesday, March 15.

Again, thank you for your participation!

Attention Girls Grades 3-5

Girls on the Run is coming to DWS! Registration is underway and the program will begin on March 27!
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Title One Survey

Does your child receive Title I Services?

Please take a few moments to complete a brief Mid-year Parent Survey.
Your feedback is appreciated!

Click this survey link: https://tinyurl.com/yckvvaa8

2023 MCAS Testing Dates

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Kindness Vocabulary Word of the Week

Each week, our DWS Kids are introduced to a vocabulary word of the week related to kindness and building social-emotional capacity. The words are introduced during the daily morning announcement and throughout the week the DWS staff challenges students to use these words in activities and conversations, whether it be during a classroom discussion, writing assignment, or speaking with a friend. We ask that families partner with us to continue the work of inspiring and challenging our DWS Kids to continue using these words!

This week our vocabulary word was DETERMINED.

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DWS All Stars

DWS staff members can award any student with a DWS ALL STAR when they see students being Dedicated, Welcoming, or Safe. All of the DWS ALL STAR awards are put on display in the front lobby. The following students were featured in the morning announcements last week for being DWS ALL-STARS!

Grade K: James in Ms. Doria’s class is a DWS ALL STAR because he was a lunchroom ALL STAR!

Grade K: Jocelyn in Mrs. Prendergast’s class is a DWS ALL STAR because she was a lunchroom ALL STAR!

Grade 1: Emily in Ms. Lewis’ class is a DWS ALL STAR because she was focused and worked hard during Math rotations.

Grade 1: Jane in Ms. Carey’s class is a DWS ALL STAR because she was an amazing listener during Math.

Grade 2: Colin in Mrs. Redman’s class is a DWS ALL STAR because he showed expected behavior during the assembly.

Grade 2: Camryn in Mrs. Redman’s class is a DWS ALL STAR because she showed expected behavior during silent reading time.

Grade 3: Brady in Mrs. Hanson’s class is a DWS ALL STAR because he showed enthusiasm and participated during Number Corner.

Grade 3: John in Mrs. Hanson’s class is a DWS ALL STAR because he showed enthusiasm and participated during Number Corner.

Grade 4: Will C. in Mrs. Farrell’s class is a DWS ALL STAR because he demonstrated expected behavior during the assembly.

Grade 4: Jaxon in Mrs. Farrell’s class is a DWS ALL STAR because he followed along during the assembly.

Grade 5: Ronan in Ms. LaForest’s class is a DWS ALL STAR because he used group work time wisely.

Grade 5: Ana in Mrs. Goff’s class is a DWS ALL STAR because she showed great behavior during the assembly.


What's happening around DWS?

First Grade Visits the Theater

Our grade one students traveled to Boston to the Wheelock Theater on Tuesday to attend a live performance of "Make Way for Ducklings!" What a wonderful experience!

Mad Scientist JJ Visits DWS

Mad Scientist JJ visited DWS on Thursday, March 9. He did many experiments and questioned students about what they thought would happen if... Students could hardly contain their smiles, laughter, and astonishment over what they saw!

Rolling Into Gymnastics

Mr. P has set up all the equipment and mats to begin the gymnastics unit! Students in all grades are learning the proper techniques to climb, roll, and tumble! I was lucky to catch the Kindergarten in action learning and practicing their summersault skills! So much fun!

Grade 5 Fundraiser

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Next meeting: Monday 4/3/2023 @ 7pm in the DWS Library

  • Board positions: We would love you on our board! Many of the current board positions are open again this May. Several of our members will be happy to stay on board but we welcome new members to throw their names in the hat or possibly co-coordinate to get their foot in the door! Nominations will be at our next meeting in April! Please email us for more details or with questions!

Open at the end of this year:

○ President ○ Vice President ○ Volunteer Coordinator○ Publicity ○ Treasurer ○ Secretary


Please email yourdwspto@gmail.com with any general questions and for more information. Email dwsvolunteers@gmail.com for more details on volunteering at the school throughout the year.

Thank you for all of your support!

Important Safety Reminders

Front Door Safety

When you enter DWS, please do not hold the door for those behind you! I know you are all polite but for safety reasons, please close the door behind you and let the next visitor ring the bell! We must ask each individual visitor to buzz and state the reason for their visit. Thank you!

Before School Supervision

Grades K-5 students may be dropped off between 8:40 am-8:50 am (cell phone time). Please do not arrive earlier than 8:40 am. If you arrive before 8:40, please stay with your child. We do not have staff supervision until 8:40. Students should not be let out of the cars to stand with the walkers from the Eavesment.

Thank you for your attention to this important safety reminders!

Note from the Nurse

Cold and flu ( and every other illness) season is upon us! Here are a few helpful reminders to help this season:

  • The best defense against illness is good handwashing, adequate hydration and regular sleep. Encourage your kiddos to stay hydrated and rest to help prevent illness and when they are unwell to shorten the duration of the illness.

  • Please remember that if your child has been out sick they can return to school once they have been without fever, vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours without the use of medications and their overall symptoms have improved.

  • Please remember that attendance is closely monitored. If your child will be absent we have a Safe to School Protocol. Please notify the school and the nurse the morning that your child will not be in school. If your child has an illness or injury that results in an absence for 5 or more days- a doctor’s note must be sent in upon returning to class with any restrictions and appropriate dates.

  • Please be sure students dress in layers for school- they need winter gear for outdoor play, but inside the building can be very warm. If students do not have appropriate warm weather/snow gear their outside activities may be somewhat limited so they stay warm and safe.

  • If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 781-834-5045 ext 42500 or by email at kAcampbeLL@mpsd.org

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School Nutrition Information

One breakfast and one lunch are Free for the 2022-2023 School year for all students.

A la carte items cost extra.

A la carte items can not be charged to a student's account.

2nd Lunch - $2.75

Milk - .75 cents (milk comes with lunch) on its own, it's an a la carte item and cost

Water - .50 cents

Ice Cream - $1.25


Preferred method of payment:

Online: www.myschoolbucks.com

After you log in or register (if new) than you can

use your child’s Birthday for the

ID Number to add your child’s account.

Check payable to:

Town of Marshfield

(child’s First/Last name in Memo)

Cash: please put in an envelope

marked Lunch Money with your

child’s name on it.

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Is your student eating breakfast?

As many of you know, breakfast is served daily for all students in our cafeteria from 8:40-8:50. We have seen an increase over the year of the number of students who are coming to get breakfast. We have also seen an increase in students who are coming and getting breakfast for the "social" aspect and throwing the food away. We want to continue to provide breakfast for those in need, however, we want to limit the amount of food waste.

Please talk to your student about breakfast and remind them that they must come as soon as they arrive. Some students are unsure if they should come - so please make sure it's clear! Thank you for your support!

Marshfield Community Events

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It's Kindergarten Registration Time!

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Please click the link below to access the announcement that includes additional information!
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Information From Previous Newsletters

Dress Code Reminder

As the weather gets colder, please remember that students' dress should reflect this as we spend time outdoors each day for snack and/or recess time! Here is an important reminder from our Handbook. Thank you!


School is a special place and how your child dresses should reflect this. Students should come to school neat, clean, and dressed appropriately for the elementary learning environment. Student’s attire, including their footwear, should allow for their participation in the numerous physical and academic activities that comprise a school day. Hats and other head apparel, except when worn for religious or medical reasons, are not allowed in the building.

Students’ clothing should neither contain messages or images that disrupt the educational process, nor be inappropriately revealing. Students go out daily for recess unless the weather dictates otherwise. It is important to dress appropriately for the weather.

The principal and/or designee are responsible for determining whether a student’s attire meets these expectations. They will work with and contact the families of students whose dress does not meet these expectations.

Start & End Times

DWS will be a late school for the upcoming year. Please make note of the following changes.

School Start Time - 8:50 am (students can enter the building at 8:40 am)

School End Time - 3:30 pm

Wednesday Early Dismissal - 1:15 pm

Boys and Girls Club Before School Program

The registration for the Before School Care is now available for Children in grades K-5 offered on site at each of the Marshfield Elementary Schools.

Our Before School program provides a wholesome environment that promotes social/emotional, physical and character development in addition to supporting the educational efforts of both the parent and school. We encourage children to balance learning and fun through homework help, physical activity and arts & crafts. Our focus areas give your child limitless opportunities to reach their full potential.

Hours: 7am until school day starts

Program & Activities include:

  • Breakfast
  • Homework Help
  • Games & Activities
  • Arts & Crafts

To register click here.

Driveway Dismissal Safety

As a reminder, please adhere to the DWS Dismissal Protocols if you choose to pick up your child from school (listed below). Dismissal time can be very busy and we understand that we are the late school and families are often rushing off to afterschool activities. It has been reported that some cars are pulling in and doing a U-Turn in the driveway to cut the line. Please follow the protocol and the flow of traffic pictured below so we don't compromise the safety of our children. Thank you!


  • DWS hours are 8:50am-3:30pm. Students will begin car line dismissal at 3:25 pm.

  • If you arrive before 3:25, please remain in your vehicle.

  • Please do not park your vehicle in the live line.

  • In the car line, students will be dismissed in order of car line up through the gym doors.

  • Please follow staff directions and pull all the way up to the marked location (red circle).

  • Please wait for the car in front of you to pull forward. Do not attempt to pass vehicles.

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MPSD Has an App

The Marshfield Public Schools are thrilled to announce our new app for mobile phones! Stay up-to-date with access to events, documents, news from administrators, student stories, and even emergency notifications.

You can download the app for free on Google Play or Apple App Store.

Download for Android https://bit.ly/3yOktQ8

Download for iPhone https://apple.co/3nVNlzs

DWS Security Updates

A double door entry system with a security window was added to the DWS.

As a security measure, we will not be letting visitors into the building unless you are volunteering. Visitors who have a scheduled meeting will wait in the vestibule and be escorted by the host to the meeting.

All visitors must present a valid ID - no exceptions! We understand that we know many parents/guardians, but we will be requiring ALL visitors to present their ID when they volunteer and/or pick up a student - EVERY TIME. This will be frustrating at first, but we are working hard to maintain the safety of our students.

Arrival & Dismissal Protocols

Please review the most up-to-date arrival and dismissal protocol. We have made some changes to the existing policy in order to keep students, drivers, and staff safe.

The new policy can be found here.

DWS Expectations

As part of our Positive Behavior and Incentives Plan, our DWS Kids are taught how to be Dedicated, Welcoming, and Safe in all areas of our building and throughout their day. These posters are reviewed on the morning announcements, by classroom teachers, and are hung around the school for visual reminders. Students are then recognized for following these expectations and given All-Stars!
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