2nd Place Winner in our March Bracket

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What is Educreations?

An interactive Whiteboard that students (or you) can use to import photos, drawings, or text and then do a voiceover to explain their work. After they add the voiceover, they have a mini movie to share!

Do we have access to this program?

Yes, you have access through "Clever" on the MGSD resources page. You just login with Clever and create a class. Give students the class code- they join, and wha-la! They can start creating and you can start assigning! The best news is that every kid has used this program in math lab 1, 2, or even 3 times this year!

Is this on the computer or iPad?

BOTH! You can use it either way you want!

Use Educreations at Every Level of Blooms

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Learning about SAMR with Educreations