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May 2015 Newsletter

The end of another school year has arrived...

and you'll likely have quite a few questions, but most, if not all, should be answered in this newsletter or in an attachment to this newsletter. The end of the year brings questions about instrument cleaning, repairs, summer camps, HS schedules, and much more. Please read carefully so that you can find the information you need right here!

Calendar of Upcoming Events

  • May 4th, Drumline auditions after school; guard clinic, 5:30-8:00pm (incoming freshmen)
  • May 7th, Guard clinic & auditions, 5:30-8:00pm (incoming freshmen)
  • May 12th, MS Spring Concert @7pm; BHS Gymnasium
  • May 14th, HS Spring Concert @7pm; University of Oklahoma
  • May 15th & 16th, Band Garage Sale (May Daze)
  • May 20th, Last day of school

All dates below are for incoming freshmen only. All dates are mandatory for HS band.

  • May 21st & 22nd, Spring Band Training; 9am-3pm
  • July 27th-31st, Summer Band; 2pm-10pm
  • August 3rd-7th, Summer Band; 2pm-10pm
  • August 10th, Evening rehearsal; 6:30-9pm
  • August 11th, Evening rehearsal; 6:30-8pm
  • August 11th, Parent Performance; 8:00pm
  • August 15th, Uniform Checkout

Congratulations to all of our MS Bands!

Since our last newsletter our 6th grade band had their first solo & ensemble experience, plus a band clinic, and our 7th and 8th grade band marched in their first parade! Congratulations to all of our MS band students for representing Blanchard incredibly well in our community and in Norman!! We are very proud of how you performed as well as how you behaved. This is why Blanchard band kids are the best kids!

MS Spring Concert is Tuesday, May 12th

Our MS band, 5th-8th grades, have their annual Spring Concert coming up! Remember all students need to wear concert black (an email specifically over this was sent home) and if you need anything to help finish up your outfit, let us know today!

All students need to report to the HS band room by 6:14pm, dressed and ready to perform. We'll warmup and then head out to perform for all of our friends and families at 7:00pm!

This is a required performance, so all students in grades 5-8 (excluding prep band) must attend. Prep band students can earn extra credit by high-fiving a director after the concert.

We can't wait to show you how much these students have improved since the Winter Concert! You are sure to be impressed at these fine students and their growth! Bring your friends, families, neighbors, and more to enjoy the music on Tuesday, May 12th. The concert begins at 7:00pm.

May Daze Band Garage Sale

Start tucking your donations for the annual Band Garage Sale away! Set aside any items you don't want or need anymore so they're waiting for us! It is very helpful if you can price your items or sort them into bags that have prices marked on them.

We are able to store our items at a building the school recently acquired (thanks Mr. Brooks!) so we won't all have to store things at home. If you have a small load, feel free to drop it off at the band room and we'll move it to the building. If you have a large load or any particularly large items, contact Ms. K. and we'll schedule to meet at the building for drop off. The address is 511 10th St. (it's the white building just east of the back road into the HS).

For incoming freshmen and their parents: there will be more times available to work. An email and tweet will be sent out once we've situated everything. Note that if your student is working at the garage sale but isn't actually working, he/she will be signed out and not paid. There have been issues in the past where hanging out took over and working stopped, and students will not be paid if they are not helping. When students arrive to work they will need to check in with Jessica and get their work assignment. When they leave they need to sign out with her as well.

The garage sale will be held at the Blanchard First United Methodist Church.

Thanks for supporting your Blanchard Bands!

End of year info, Summer Repair, and more!

Carefully read the information regarding your current student in band. This should answer all of your questions about the end of the year, summer repair, summer camps, and more! Read the letter that corresponds to your student's CURRENT grade. Prep band students should read the 6th grade band letter unless otherwise informed in class.

Twitter/Text Updates

We send lots of info for all kinds of things out via Twitter (@BlanchardBands), so make sure you follow us! If you don't use Twitter, don't worry! Just text "follow BlanchardBands" to 40404 and every time we tweet, you'll get a text, simple as that! For more info on this, check out the following link (which also gives you info if you want to quit following us):

Information on the Blanchard Bands Twitter connection

MS Band Students of the Month!!

Our Blanchard MS Band Students of the month for May are Kaitlin Hicks, Tyler Garner, Carley Hughes, Olivia Greenwood, Charli Holding, Brooklynn Winchester, Jake Noonan, & Wesley Stephens!
  • Kaitlin is in the 8th grade and plays the trombone. Kaitlin has been a wonderful leader of her section throughout the whole year. When she is corrected, she never takes it personally, she marks her mistake with a pencil and doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Kaitlin is a very funny young lady with a quirky sense of humor. Kaitlin is a band supporter through and through , she would stand up for our band any day. She is also a real go getter! Good luck in high school band Kaitlin, keep it up!
  • Tyler is in the 8th grade and plays the bass clarinet. Tyler has been a silent leader throughout the entire year. Tyler always helps his peers with fingerings or with their music. He has also gone above and beyond in his practice and dedication to band. In the middle of a stressful rehearsal, Tyler’s comedy lightens the mood and creates a exciting environment for the students in class. High school band is right around the corner and he could not be more excited. Good luck in your future endeavors, Tyler!
  • Carley is a 6th grade flute player and has been a rock star all year long! She comes to class prepared and each day shows improvement on her music. The smile on her face and her positive attitude make her a joy to have in class. She is also very involved in cheer and last week made the MS cheer squad for next year! We are unbelievably proud of you and all of your hard work in everything you do, Carley!
  • Olivia is a trombone player in the 6th grade and is consistently prepared for class, but she rarely talks. She does all her work like a ninja, silent and awesome! When she is absent she gets all her work made up quickly and responsibly. Throughout the year she has shown a dependable work ethic, improving steadily and stealthily. We appreciate all of your incredible efforts and look forward to seeing where you will go, Olivia!
  • Charli is in the 5th grade and plays the clarinet. Charli has been a wonderful student to have all year. Charli is always quiet, always on top of her practice and at the top of her section. She sets a great example for the rest of the students. Charli is always prepared and sets the bar high for her peers. While Charli sits quietly waiting for further instruction, she has the biggest smile on her face. She brings light and happiness to a wonderful woodwind class. Thank you Charli for your dedication and wonderful smile!
  • Brooklyn is in the 5th grade and plays the clarinet. Brooklyn is another student who is on top of her practice and is always prepared for class. She is very quiet until she gets excited to tell you something. The joy that band gives Brooklyn is such a cool thing to see. Brooklyn has a bright future in whatever she decides to do with her positive personality and excitement for life. We cannot wait to see what she does! Brooklyn, stay positive and keep being yourself!
  • Jake plays the trumpet in the 5th grade and has grown immensely this year. There was a period in the winter where illness got the upper hand and Jake missed numerous band classes. Band is more difficult to make up than regular classes since we only meet three times a week. Jake didn't give up. He buckled down, worked hard, and is now playing right along with everyone else! Your perseverance is admirable and we are very proud of you, Jake!
  • Wesley is a 5th grade trombone player who has also improved steadily throughout the year. Reading music was a challenge for him, but he didn't quit trying and is now doing an awesome job of reading all his notes! He is also a very happy student who, no matter what is happening around him, is in a good mood and is very polite to his peers and his teachers. Thank you for always being a hard worker with a positive attitude, Wesley!

"Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough." -Franklin D. Roosevelt

How to get credit for your monthly newsletter grade! Due by Thursday, May 14th!

The purpose of the monthly newsletter is to make sure that students and parents are all on the same page and know about all band activities. To get credit, a parent needs to send an email to Ms. Kauffman that has the following info: student name, grade, parent name, and that the newsletter has been read. This earns you 100%! If you don't have the ability to email, please read the newsletter online and send a written note to school with the same information (though we REALLY prefer online responses if at all possible).

Remember, newsletters are only accepted during the month of the newsletter. Once the month has passed, that newsletter can no longer be submitted.

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