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Hello, my name is Sir Francis Drake and welcome to my twitter account. I was born in the year 1540 in Tavistock, England. I am an expert at overtaking Spanish ships loaded with treasure. Also, I have become an expert at navigating the Caribbean and the coasts of central and south America. I have brought home vast amounts of treasure to Queen Elizabeth. I try very hard to lead my men by example. I treat my men with respect and they respect me, however I will not tolerate treason.

relationship life

1569 marries Mary Newman on July 4th

1585 marries Elizabeth Sydenham on February 9th

Sir Francis Drake's Blog entry

Today is April 4th ,1581 and I am so honored to be knighted by the lady herself Queen Elizabeth. For all the hard work that I have done, sailing on my ships, slave trading, conquering the Spaniards, and many more, it has finally paid off.

SIr Francis Drake's Ship route

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My favorite movie that I love to watch on my ships:

Pirates of The Caribbean [Theme Song- FuLL]

My favorite song I like to listen to:

Sir Francis Drake

Pirates Booty

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