The Best Medical Invention Yet

The Zano Bot By Will Moon and Joshua King

About The Company

  • Joshua King is the president, Will Moon is the vice president.
  • We have employed 500 researchers, 300 prototypers, and 200 manufacturers.
  • The working conditions in the all of our facilities are clean, safe , and reliable.
  • Our country is based out of america.

History Of The Company

  • We started the company in 2004.
  • When my grandpa was having heart troubles i thought of the idea.

About the product

  • Our product is the Zano bot.
  • The Zano bot can cure cancer,destroy blood clots and can get rid of tumors.
  • The Zano bot is made on a line of micro assemblers.
  • We deliver the Zano bot to hospitals in a syringe of salene with the micro bots.
  • If someone is having a stroke or a heart attack it is faster than having a surgery.
  • You cannot buy it, you only can get it injected at the hospital if you need it.
  • The Zano bot runs. off of your body heat so it will last to you die.
  • It also has a micro dna analyser so it can tell the difference of bad and good cells.
  • The Zano bot does have interchangeable parts but it would be better to just inject knew ones.


  • One vial of Zano bots is 40000$.
  • If you buy 50 vials you get 5 free. (Hospital)
  • If you buy 100 vials you get 10% off. (Hospital)
  • If Eli Whitney Samuel Slater and Nat turner Recommended this product.


  • It is the fastest easiest cheapest way to cure cancer, destroy blood clots, and get rid of tumor’s

  • You also can walk out of the hospital the next day!

  • 9 outta 10 people recommend this product.

  • Its even safe for children also every single patient we have treated got over their illness.

National Pride

  • This product will help the world not just our country because everywere there are people that do not have a chance without Zano bots to fix it.
  • This Product is for everyone not just for america so contact us if you would like to order Zano bots.
  • We use the american system.
  • We are nationalists and we want to help everyone.


  • If this product happens to not work or be faulty we will refund you or inject knew ones and get rid of the old ones.