Food Scientist Wanted!

Food scientist at McDonald's. Position available.

Position Summary

You will be expected to develop and improve food or food procedures. You will also be responsible for facts about nutrition and the general health of the consumer, as making our food will directly impact them. Your work will directly impact the health and expectations of the consumer. You will evaluate the food and determine the nutrition facts so that the foods can be listed accordingly. You may also develop or improve food additives.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ability to come up with formulas and apply culinary skills in order to develop new products
  • Simplifying information in order to provide ingredient statements, cooking and serving procedures, and recommended amount served
  • Ensures that all products and procedures meet the expectations of the consumer as well as required standards by the FDA and USDA
  • Organizes raw ingredients and raw chemicals
  • Work with the environment to ensure McDonald's is as green as possible, as the production of your products may directly impact the production of livestock, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Presentable image, as your work will directly impact how our company is perceived by the public and the media.



  • Must be able to use bomb calorimeter (See Figure 1) in order to measure calories for some ingredients
  • Must have experience using column chromatography(See Figure 3)(method for purifying chemical compounds)
  • Must also have experience using, maintaining, and cleaning a Soxhlet extractor to analyse fat content (See Figure 2) as well as using petroleum ether as a solvent.
  • Must have experience using the Atwater database of ingredients for nutritional facts


  • PhD or MSc in Food Science in fields relating to food chemistry, food processing, or food microbiology.


Entry level: $40,000 - $50,000

Notable Experience: $70,000 - $100,000

Employment Demand:

Approximately 31,600 jobs for food scientists.

Approximately 2000 available positions for food scientists.