The History of American Football

By: Cegan Wagoner

Walter Camp-Father of Football

He was a student at Yale University. He played as a halfback there and he coached there as well. He helped create rules such as the foward pass, line of scrimmage, and Quarterback position. He took part in many rule committees in 1880.

Famous Athletes

Pudge Heffelfinger was the first player to be paid. Walter Camp was a halfback and the father of football. Paul Robeson, when he was 17 he attended Rutgers University, he was the third African American to do so. He played football at Rutgers andwas very intelligent.

Beginning of Football

Began in America and was first created as a different version of rugby the Walter Camp made changes to the game to make it more different. On November 6th, 1869, the first game of football was played at Rutgers against Princeton.

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Safety Concerns

There were many safety concerns in early football, there weren't as many rules as there are today. The equipment they had were leather caps and shirts and pants. Many injuries could occur such as concusions, sprains, fractures, pulls, and tears. There was a cry for change to change the rules to make it safer, so the created the NCAA. This is where they held many rule regulations.